Doing time.


Tuesday 2 miles 20 minutes
Wednesday 2 miles 20 minutes
Thursday 2 miles 20 minutes
Friday 2 miles 18 minutes
Saturday 2 miles 16 minutes

And as proud as I am of myself, this morning took a lot of self convincing.

I had a full blown internal dialogue that was a mix between trying to motivate me and rationalizing why I shouldn’t have to go.
“You don’t have to go now.  You can go tonight.”
“There is no way I’m going tonight. I want to watch Orange is the New Black like it’s a marathon.”
“Then skip a day… it won’t hurt. You deserve a break.”

The end of this conversation resulted in me putting on my sneakers (that usually ends all conversations with myself.  The sneakers are on.  Shut up.)  I also employed one of my favorite methods of motivation- convincing someone to be your running partner.  And then I did it, I walked out the door and ran an 8 minute mile, my best time.  And that’s why it’s all worth it. Mind over everything.

And check out that view.  That’s also why it’s worth it.


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