Motivation. Inspiration. Perspiration.

I am one of the most motivated and unmotivated people wrapped into one so the fact that I created a blog and decided to start running in the same week is pretty phenomenal.  I also do a very poor job in prioritizing things.  For example, I paint my nails before I paint my toenails every time.  Ladies, you get the problem.  Guys, I don’t think you get the problem.

I have a tendency to prioritize everyone but myself.  I have the worst guilty conscience when I say “no” to someone.  It’s my own fault and I’m learning to

This summer I really tried to focus on being motivated in a more well-balanced way.  Instead I kind of focused a lot on me.  Which was great for me. Slightly selfish towards everyone else.  And I’m going to get real- it felt good to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it and to be able to say, “I would love to, but I can’t.”

So today I continued my selfish streak and I celebrated hitting the I RAN MORE THAN A HALF MARATHON MARK!  At approximately 6:41 a.m. I completed my 14th mile in 7 days!  Now one day I can hope to do that straight through, but hey, it’s a start!  In celebration I will share with you my consolation prizes.

#1:  Sparkly Nails

As an homage to summer, fun, and happiness, I got sparkly nails, and yes- I do bite my nails.  I am typically a plain Jane when it comes to my nails (ie:  sugar daddy) but this is a celebration!  It’s like New Years eve, a celebration of new beginnings, only I’m not hating Manhattan and fighting strangers.

#2:  Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub

Sabon is the softest place in the world- I sometimes go there just to wash my hands.  Today I decided to drop some money in celebration and spent $30 on body scrub.  Yes, a little pricey for body scrub, but this is a celebration of the human body! (I realize that I may be trying to rationalize my expenditures.) But if you have to treat yourself, this is the place.  Also, keeping in line with my new found love of yoga, why not go patchouli.

#3:  A night doing nothing on the couch.

That is a big deal.  I am planning on sitting around and doing nothing!  Happy Monday everyone!  Up bright and early to force the boyfriend to run with me in the morning.


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