Catching the Worm

This morning I woke up at 5:58 to the sound of my internal alarm, and approximately two minutes before the actual alarm.  I debated getting out of bed early or waiting for the bzbzbz so I could hit snooze one time and wait five more minutes.

While getting up in the morning is challenging for many, I am undoubtedly a morning person.  I love the morning and I genuinely look forward to my cup of coffee, playing mindlessly on my Ipad, listening to music in the background, maybe even relaxing on my patio on a particularly nice morning.  If I wake up past 10 I feel as though I lost precious hours that I can never get back.  This is probably one of the many reasons I was a very annoying child, roommate, and road trip buddy.Today, I gave myself the morning off.  Today, I will not be the person posting on Facebook, “already ran 2 miles #you’restillsleeping” with a snarky smiley face at 6 a.m.  (I’ve only done that one time, and I was not gloating! I was proud.)  I want to blame John because he sleeps on the outside of the bed and I sleep against the wall.  Climbing over John is like hiking a mountain at that hour.  Dude is big.  But, I can’t.  Because I reset the alarm clock for 7.  Then I periodically woke up nearly every five minutes and stared at the clock.  Because I am crazy!  I realize that it is impossible for me to just relax and to just fall back asleep.  It’s a sickness.   And when the clock struck 6:48 I felt guilty because for the past week I would be walking in the door because I just ran 2 miles and #you’restillsleeping.  But this is where I need my balance.  Sleep is good.  Rest is good.  Sometimes we all need to hit the snooze and say, I’ll try to get my run in later, and if I can’t it’s a good thing I only said I would do 52 miles in a month.