…All I ever wanted

All quiet on the New York front- I’ve been preparing for a Florida visit to see The Grandparents.  As I wait in the airport for my silver chariot to arrive I will be sure to write (and believe me, I have a lot on my mind).  Before I leave I will leave you with a life update in lieu of an actual entry.

Yesterday: woke up late, went to a work training program, skipped out on running in order to have an impromptu date night which included eating an entire pie of brick oven pizza and cannolis.  It was worth it.  I will prove it was worth it by attaching images of food porn.  We followed up our food coma with a lovely bike ride and movies on the beach.

Today: Work, ate cookies, came home to pack, did not pack, and in an effort to not be a bum John and I went running.  I began to create a list of things I like to do to pretend I’m not running when I am running.  The list will debut shortly.  Off to pack in an orderly fashion.  Which includes, of course, a list (which includes, of course, a doodle of a dragon.)

Now… onto the food porn.


I will be in Southern New York until Monday so get ready for some entries.  If anyone has book recommendations speak now or forever hold your peace.  Speak now!  I need some good reads.


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