Am I the only one laboring on Labor Day?!

Happy Labor Day, folks!

For those of you that don’t know me I was a history major and I’m a major history nerd.  So what is this glorious day all about anyways?!  It’s about giving recognition to those who built up this country and continue to do so!

It’s a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. (


I can go on and on and bore you to tears about the history of Labor Day and why I believe that the labor movement is so important to the development of this country but I don’t want to lose followers.

Instead… I will bore you with my life lately and how I am choosing to spend my Labor Day doing labor.

If you are wondering why I have been so quiet these past few days it’s because I haven’t had too much to say.  I’m in somewhat of a changing seasons slump.  The joy over the following just isn’t hitting me yet.


In fact, these products are making me come to a few realizations…

1) Soon, it’s going to be too cold to run outside

2) My poor little lupus fingers hate the cold weather (see Raynaud’s)

3) My birthday is in the fall… I’m getting older… I’m using anti-aging cream… what’s happening to my youth?!

Yesterday John told me I was being a Talia Downer (I don’t know where that chick Debbie went, but apparently we are synonymous with each other). And he’s absolutely right… what’s the big deal?

The pros of fall:

1) All of the above fall beverages.

2) Halloween. Period.

3) My birthday- because there is so much beauty in getting older.

4) Fall fashion. Honestly, I can’t jive with the shorts of today.  I’m in this weird in between age where my shorts options are slim… I can wear the following options:



Am I a 90’s mom or a 2000’s Britney?!  It’s all very overwhelming.

So, this brings me to my laborious Labor Day.  Which (p.s.) is a huge overstatement. Because I really have done nothing of value today.


I cleaned dishes.  But there were a lot- I swear.  I have this problem where I tend to leave the last few things in the sink as though I just can’t clean anymore!  I forced myself to wash the utensils.


I recycled a candle to be used for something else. Or just to create clutter in my tiny apartment.  One or the other.  For now, a few tea lights will keep it looking fresh.


I filled in a planner while drinking a cup of coffee and listening to hipster music.  Nothing makes me feel good like organization.


I focused mostly on important dates.


And now, I’m lounging, writing, thinking about things I should be doing. So wherever the week takes me I will leave you with this.

I did not run on Saturday- Instead, I spent the day with friends and family. It was some nice respite.

I did run Sunday. My soul sister came in from the city and we persuaded forced motivated each other to run.  I actually just stared at her until she woke up and screamed “YOU HAVE THIRTY MINUTES AND THEN WE ARE RUNNING!”  We then spent the rest of the day with friends on the beach and grilling.

So I guess life is not too shabby.  And I guess I have nothing to complain about. Especially because today is a day of rest thanks to these people:




People that fought for the liberties we so often take for granted.  Be appreciative and enjoy the day!


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