Dead or Alive

Words cannot express my gratitude and excitement over today.  

The other night John and I bumped into a friend on a date while walking on the boardwalk.  They were heading back to his motorcycle after a night of fro-yo and riding on the $10 ferris wheel.  John and I looked at eachother, “too expensive.”  We even joked, “the romance is dead.”

The following day I saw the same friend and he filled me in about their plans to go to see Jersey Boys on Broadway followed by a wine tour getaway.  I have to be honest and tell you that I was definitely mopey after listening to this.  Was the romance dead?!

Well, this morning I was taken on a whirlwind, romantic, awesome, amazing, date.  There was no time for hair, makeup, showers, prettiness, nothing.  Just get jeans and sneakers on.

So now for a photo adventure.  Courtesy of the best day ever.  Running not included.

We began our date with a surprise- now the pants and sneakers makes sense… as well as the who cares how you look?!


I have NEVER been horseback riding and it’s something that I have always wanted to do.  This made my day.  I was slightly apprehensive because in case you don’t know- horses are ginormous, but I saddled up and hopped on the back of my new pal, Gilligan.


I know I look all, oh this is nothin’.  I was so nervous- I was convinced Gilligan would pick up on the energy and we would have issues.  Luckily I calmed down and said, you want to do this. Enjoy it.

I never guessed that this was my surprise because I never realized that this was right in our backyard- who would have thought that in the middle of Long Island, right next to the parkway this amazingness existed.


In no time at all we were cruisin’, and grazin’.  John’s horse was a real chubbster and we frequently had to convince him to leave the grass and get with the program.


horse1    horse7 horse8

so hands down, best experience ever.  Minus the part where they said, let’s trot.  Guys, it hurts.

If that was the only part of our date it would have been fine, but it wasn’t.  We headed home to munch on some left overs and to quickly change into our bathing suits.  Next stop- Robert Moses Light House.



Where it turns out…


We walked up to the lighthouse, learned a little history and hit the beach.



On our way home we decided to stop at a nature preserve that neither of us has been to.





and then realized we needed coffee because we love coffee



John is always trying to get me to play chess.  Today we even discussed how much I

a) hate chess

b) hate playing against him

I was feeling nice and saw that they had chess tables! and since he was giving me the best day ever I offered him a round.


We ordered two iced coffees and a gelato (not icecream- as the random stranger made sure I knew) and got the game going.

I guess John felt the need to snap this gem.  I was seriously stressed out over which move I wanted to make… you would have thought the world would end if I didn’t pick the right piece.


It was a good game, but I lost.

And how do I know it was an amazing date day, because I wasn’t even upset that I lost.

The romance is alive and well.


3 thoughts on “Dead or Alive

    • yes- and since I have trouble making any kind of decisions it was helpful I had no choices 🙂
      I need to take a lesson from you on living!

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