Ugg season

When uggs began their global domination I was morally opposed to them. How can anyone just follow a trend so blindly…seriously, are these people blind? Those boots are heinous.
Eventually I was converted for one season because I was a weak, weak person, and to be real with you… As my college roommate would say, it feels like you are walking on brownies.

Uggs served a practical purpose in my college life on an ice cold campus. Those things could make you sweat in Antarctica. Which is why I could never understand was how people go sockless with them. If you have owned uggs you understand this phenomena.

At this point in my life I have sworn them off as a piece of fashion, but I do respect their quality. Their delicious brownie like quality. Last year John’s parents (Hey guys!) bought me a pair of ugg slippers for Christmas. Now those I can live in. Best gift, hands down. I got some good usage out of those fluff balls for the 2013 winter into spring seasons and then it was time for them to hibernate for a little.

Well my friends, that time has come. I woke up, grabbed my coffee, my I pad, and headed onto the porch… I was cold! I immediately grabbed my cold weather necessities:


And let’s not forget this gem…


Why yes, that is a raccoon with antlers and a top hat.  Speaking of fashion choices.

So, grab your sweaters out of storage and find some socially acceptable boots. Fall is here, New York!


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