How awesome are these pants, the placebo effect, and other ramblings

Happy Tuesday! And with that, my mind is all over the place today. In order to bring order to this disorder, I made a list of my thoughts.

1. How awesome are these pants?!

If I could only wear black I would. Despite having a big personality, I’m not one for over the top, look at me, clothes. These pants basically scream at you, “hey! My butt is covered in patterns! Did you see?!” and they make me smile. They are fun, carefree, and they have an energy of their own. Have you ever put something on and you just feel good?! That is these pants. Also, sometimes I really just prefer to wear my work clothes. People do not mistake me for a youth (*I have been carded for REDBULL) people are overall nicer to me, truth- work pants are my roomy, making them more comfortable and forgiving than jeans.

2. I think I’m getting a cold. Sneezy, runny, sniffly, tissues, drip. The works. I don’t know what to do. Responsible me says take it easy. Irresponsible me says stop whining and blow your nose. I have been drinking this since last night.

I know everyone says it doesn’t work, but just like my clothes magically make me feel good, so does this mystical powder. It is really just concentrated vitamin c so at least if it doesn’t work I wont get scabies.

3. Shoes. Cold weather means goodbye sandals, hello shoes. Who invented female shoe monstrosities (I’m talking to you, Louboutin) and why is it socially unacceptable to go barefoot places?!

My poor feet are torn to shreds because of these innocent looking flats.


4. Today is beginning to look like a break from running day. Ripped up feet, congestion, and groupon can be thanked for that. Groupon has a wonderful deal for a local hot yoga studio. Work it back into the regimen? I think I need to. I honestly feel as though I have lost the stamina that I developed in Bikram. What is going on?!

5. Downside to hot yoga? No eating for about 3 hours before the class. Downside to that… My increased appetite from running is berating me for an early bird special 4 p.m. dinner.



3 thoughts on “How awesome are these pants, the placebo effect, and other ramblings

  1. I think Emergen-C totally works by giving you a boost in vitamins (I generally forget to take my multivitamin, so there’s that). Also, I firmly believe in the benefits of a good Hot Toddy.

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