Remember when you had your first relationship and you celebrated every month?  Well, my blog, happy one month blogiversary!

Putting my thoughts into the blogisphere for the past month has been therapeutic to say the least.  I have always felt fulfilled and happy by the things I do and the people I surround myself with, however, this blog almost feels like the missing piece of it all.  I could never identify something that I considered a “hobby” of mine.  I knew I felt good about my life, but I felt as though I didn’t have things that I did for myself because I enjoyed it.  I can now say I have developed hobbies that are mine.  

I’m not getting 1,000 likes, I don’t have 100+ people following me, hell, I’m not even sure if people are actually reading this thing, but still, this blog makes me push myself in more ways than I thought were possible.

Like a beautiful new relationship, this blog and I are going to get closer with each and every passing month until we sicken the people around us.  

So, what is this blog all about, 52 miles per month… and the results are in!  

Type # Maps Distance Duration Calories
Run / Jog 29 14 60.0 mi 5.29 h 3,161 kCal

These are my recorded stats for running, 60 miles this month!  I have nothing to say but WOO!  Happy Monday!  


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