Tales of a Domesticated Goddess

So this will be a quick post because I don’t have much to say on this subject.

Tonight I was determined to be a working woman who is also a domesticated goddess. After work I popped into the super market to pick up some dinner essentials. I bought an array of food stuffs and mentally planned a few diverse meals. This was necessary considering John and I literally ate chicken every lunch and dinner last week in an effort to cleanse our un-pure bodies from the mass amounts of junk we usually eat.

just some of our chicken from last week.  we cooked more after this picture was taken.

just some of our chicken from last week. we cooked more after this picture was taken.

Upon arriving home I decided tonight would be a zesty garlic with chili seasoning tilapia night. Let’s pretend it was me who seasoned the tilapia and not Trader Joe’s. I followed the directions for how to cook tilapia from on the package and popped that little fish into the broiler… For 12 minutes.

While I was destroying broiling dinner I decided to put in a load of laundry. Because I am a working woman who is also a domesticated goddess. To create a visual for you just imagine me throwing things into the washing machine paying no attention to materials or colors. I arrived back in my apartment just in time to see my concerned neighbor staring at my apartment as the smoke alarm blared from the windows. No worries, just a little smokey inside…back to my dinner cooking.

Now I got to the hardest part of the meal to plan. Should I put the broccoli steam fresh bag into the microwave first or the brown rice steam fresh bag? Decisions. I decided on the broccoli because it takes longer.

Here’s the thing, I wanted to surprise John because he has been working a lot lately and me as a domestic goddess would be surprising. I have dedicated years to my career and John has been more than understanding. He has picked up the slack for me numerous times and now that he is the busy one I wanted to be there for him.

Just as I heard the door unlock, dinner was ready. I got the plates out, began to set everything up, pulled the fish out of the broiler… And this is what I found.


oh. the horror. it was not supposed to be blackened.

Guys! I killed the fish. Again. And we painfully ate it. We actually decided it wasn’t the worst meal we have had. However, it was the second worst.

I then went to get the clothes from the dryer. Redemption? I SHRUNK JOHN’S CLOTHES!

Thank goodness he loves me for exactly what I offer in this relationship because being a domestic goddess is not it. I have not quit the idea of goddess-hood.  Maybe there is potential in me somewhere, i’ll just save this whole domestication thing for a rainy day.


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