Running Apps

I have already written about my love of It’s great not only because it tracks my miles, route, and calories burned, but it also gives me regular updates on my progress.

New app option?

I am officially amazed. Who comes up with these things?! Technology, sometimes you suck, but lately you have been killing it. Just check out charitymiles, watch the video, and give it a shot. Charity miles donates 10 cents per mile biking and 25 cents per mile running. If running and biking aren’t exactly your “thing,” knowing that you are donating to an important cause might be the motivation you need.

Truth be told, I like to purchase new gym clothes to give myself additional support in the get your butt out the door part of my life. Who doesn’t love breaking in their new cool sports bra or sneakers – amiright?! Downloading this app is giving me that same little kid, I want to play with my new toy, feel. Now I don’t even need to spend money to motivate myself, I just get to download this app and GIVE money to charity.

You get to…
Get fit
Get healthy
Achieve success
Attain a goal
And most importantly,

Win, win?! Let’s try it out! Happy Tuesday!


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