Am I done crying yet?

After my morning post on true life: I got burned for beauty I realized that I needed a good therapy session of running.  I was allowing the pain to be an excuse, and who doesn’t love a good excuse to mindlessly watch The Flinestones movie on a bleak Saturday morning?

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to my body, if I’m in pain or not feeling well I’m not going to push myself to the point of no return.  After this past week of exhaustion, a cold, and leg burns, I clearly needed the rest.  This morning I was ready.

I got out to the boardwalk and began my stretch.


Right as the perfect song came on, I set up my running app, I was about to go, and out of nowhere the devil began to beat his wife.  Too much?  Guys! I didn’t make this up!  


Decision time.  Is this a sign? Should I go home? Wait it out? I began to walk home, but something hit me. I am not the wicked witch. maybe. I wont melt.  Turn back around- have some pride, woman!

And just like that the rain stopped. 

I decided to appreciate the run. Forget time, distance, take it all in.  On my run I saw a couple taking their wedding photos, I was the weirdo who screamed “CONGRATULATIONS!” and you could see how their love warmed the whole boardwalk. People smiled as they passed them.  There was a positive energy that everyone was sharing.  

As I was running I saw a man in a walk for lupus shirt.  I was the weirdo (again) who stopped him- I had to.  Turns out he’s on the board for lupus research in Long Island.  His wife was diagnosed when she was 25. Just last year at the age of 55 she needed a kidney transplant and he was her donor.  She is doing great.  The stories you can hear from strangers when you take a minute out of your day sometimes amaze me.

The rest of my run was amazing, relaxing, and wonderful.  I got off the boardwalk after 2 miles.  Switched my Pandora station to Jack Johnson and sat down by the water.  It’s nice to stop and take life in.



Today I felt tranquil for the first time in a long time.  Happy Saturday everyone,  Enjoy the day!



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