Visiting Hours

May of 2009 ended my senior year of college which means I have been out of college longer than I was in college.  Guh.  Eight years after my freshman year and now my baby brother is in his freshman year at my very own alma mater.  It was his decision to go and probably has absolutely nothing to do with me, but I’m so proud I could squeeze him to pieces.  While pretending his decision to go has everything to do with me.  

After waking up with no alarm, hip-hip-hooray for that, I did a quick two miler with John and got ready to escape the Island because my baby broseph was in town and I needed to squeeze him to pieces.  We hit the road for a scenic, and beautiful, 2 hour drive north to spend some quality time with my family.

So what do you do when you travel to see your family? My family eats.  First stop, lunch.  There is this place in my town that has obscene breakfast foods.


So obviously, when faced with obscene breakfast foods get the craziest one… behold, a canoli pancake.


me, brother, mom

me, brother, mom

The rest of the afternoon we spent making fun of each other and being ridiculous- There is no other way.  Thankfully the middle child wasn’t there or it would have been a slaughterhouse of mockery.  We are mean to each other in the only way siblings can be, with love.  I did get to help my brother with an improv skit he has to do for an acting class.


you are doing something in a rush. props needed.

So, behold.  Me teaching my youngest brother how to apply makeup.  He will be playing a girl getting ready for a first date.

mpc3mpc4mpc5mpc9mpc7mpc6     Perfect way to end the weekend.  

Perfect way to start the week.


One thought on “Visiting Hours

  1. So much love and warmth flooded my heart reading this. So happy you and John made it up for the day. Perfect ending to a lovely weekend!

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