Yoga has been nothing short of a profound experience on every occasion that I attend class.  Whenever I think to myself:

They wont say something that is entirely applicable to my life tonight

They say something entirely applicable to my life.  

Tonight we discussed the meaning of devotion- or Bhakti.  As my teacher spoke about the meaning of devotion in a calm and melodic way, she had me examining my own commitments and the dedication that I practice on a daily basis.

I began to question this notion of:

Do we run, or do we stick things out and work on aspects of our lives despite the obstacles we may face in the process.

This blog is a vow to myself and my own journey of self actualization.  At times this undertaking has been an uphill battle, and to be honest, a little daunting. Even tonight as I cozied up to my couch I fought against going to yoga. I was hungry, tired, and it had been a long day. I began to think of the perseverance that I have displayed (to my own surprise) over the past 4 months and I told myself – go.

That simple two letter words- GO.

And that simple word allowed me to be humbled for 90 minutes.  In a single class you can change your perceptions and open your mind to yourself and the life you exist in.  At the end of class my teacher said something so fundamental to not only your practice in yoga, but life.

Sometimes the most difficult part of the practice is being still.  Mentally and physically.  

This is the time that your fears and insecurities seep into your thoughts. Or your musings of the day. This can be a time where you think about the facebook messages your may have. Or in my case- the blog post I want to write. Stillness is my challenge.

Tonight as I thought about my devotion, I thought about my pledge to running, yoga, writing, my relationships with those I love.  In my dedication to my yoga practice I was determined to allow myself to be still.  

We sat silently in the dimly lit room. The only sounds I could hear came from my heart beating against my mat.

We sat peacefully in the stillness.


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