Make Things Night

Is your life busy?

Do you find yourself first sitting down to relax past 8 p.m.?

Do you need to schedule in date nights to see your boyfriend… That you live with?!

If so, have a make things night!

This tradition became a weekly occurrence on Mondays when John and I started dating. As food lovers we enjoyed creating meals together and if the meal was terrible we would toss it and go out. Win, win. As the years went on and our schedules grew, making food together was put on the back-burner. We became take out junkies. Those days of bonding (and occasionally bickering) over dicing, slicing, serving, and cleaning became a thing of the past.

Boo to that! We decided that tonight we needs to make things.

Rules of a make things night:
Tonight there is no yoga
No running
Not doing too much of anything (unless it is cooking!)

The most important rules:
Share responsibilities
Make food (obviously)

Happy Tuesday! And go make something.






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