A Few Things

1. My weekend consisted of getting over a cold- on Friday I forced myself to stay in and not run. It turns out I get a little pissy when I don’t run now. I tried to take it easy, which is never easy. I did run yesterday and today, but running with a cold is no bueno. I felt like I needed it though. It’s as though running has given me additional energy that I never had previously, but now that energy needs to be burned off somehow during my day. If I don’t burn it off I get a little scary.

2. Extreme couponing- how is it even possible?! There are people out there that go food shopping with coupons. Their bills total out to over $1,000- they use their binder full of coupons and wind up spending a penny. John and I watched an episode and he immediately ran outside to check the mail…no coupons. We then went food shopping where we attempted to make educated choices. We spent $80.

3. Food festivals are a-mazing. Just got home from Oyster Fest in Oyster Bay. Despite eating what seemed like everything but oysters, I feel very sated. We also purchased three prints from these guys:
http://metalboxdesign.com/ their stuff is great.







4. There is a massive, orange, full moon looming over the ocean. Go take a nighttime stroll.


5. This:


Have a great Sunday. To those of you that watch the Walking Dead, have a wonderful Sunday!


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