Map My… Calories

Today I got an e-mail from mapmyrun, which is mapping my runs. It was to inform me that I just hit my 60th log! And in that e-mail it gave me up to date info on how much I’ve run, how many hours I’ve run, and all that other jazz. What truly stood out to me was calories.
10,828 calories
Let me put this into perspective, since I need to put things into perspective for myself. (I’m the kind of person that if you tell me It’s 4,000 miles from here- it means nothing to me, if you tell me it’s like walking to Alaska I’m like, holy cow.)
How much is 10,828 calories?
43 snickers bars
20 big macs
88 glasses of wine
30 servings of french fries
p.s.- the article I got this picture from was titled “7 Things to Never Eat”
39 servings of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked
First, I thought to myself… 10,000 calories… that’s literally what Michael Phelps eats in one day. That’s nothing.
Then I became real with myself.  That’s a hellovalot when you realize that those 10,828 calories would have gone straight to the moneymaker had I not started running.  Isn’t that INSANITY when you truly think about it?!
On that refreshing note, it looks like due to a lack of trick-or-treaters it’s just about time to eat the candy (and make up for lost calories) that none of the kids are coming for! Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Map My… Calories

    • Ha! Yes me too… I haven’t been picture perfect in what I’ve been consuming, but the running helps 🙂
      And thank you! It’s hard work!

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