Closer to Thirty

Today I am closer to thirty than twenty. I am officially 26!

How do you celebrate your birthday?! This is how I’m celebrating mine!

See you at the finish line as I run for my life!


So, it turns out I did not survive the zombie apocalypse! Guys. I made it two miles and on the third John and I were killed together by a pack of unrelenting zombies. Translation, we started off with three flags and the “zombies” (they weren’t real… don’t worry) had to take them from us. It was a great way to start my birthday off. A 68 degree New York november. No complaints.

Pre-race smiles with my personal cheerleader, Beth.

The trail was beautiful and the perfect most terrifying place for a zombie apocalypse. Who knew there were so many trees here?!


I would like to add that this was the most challenging running I have ever done. 3 miles. Sprinting on and off. Expect a near future post on interval training after that experience.

Following our death, John and I paused to take a picture in the location it all went down.

Trying to catch our breath.

We met our zombie friends at the finish line, defeated, but still smiling ear to ear.


The rest of the day was jam packed of love.
And why else are my friends fabulous?!





In no way are presents everything. I would have been fine with the hilarious cards I received. But they went above and beyond and centered gifts around my new love of running and yoga. I also got a few new makeup brushes. Beautiful. And! Tickets to see Book of Mormon.
I can already tell that 26 has started off on an amazing note. Minus dying before the day even really started.


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