Know Thyself

What a challenging proposal, know thy self. How many of us take the time to get to know ourselves. When I was a teen, the thought of reflecting on myself was exhausting. I rather get to know the mailman than myself. Reflect on my flaws? Reflect on my positive attributes? All of it gave me heart palpitations.

Today I gave myself an assignment in getting to know myself better while simultaneously entertaining boredom- I took a free personality test.

After taking my sixty question test, I learned that I have an ENFP personality type, which means, according to the powers that be, I am extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting.

And I reflected on some of my supposed strengths and weaknesses. Reflections emboldened below.


Observant. ENFP personalities believe that there are no irrelevant details or actions – they try to notice everything, seeing all events as part of a big mysterious puzzle called life.
yes. I am too observant. I actually have a serious staring problem that had been going on since I was an infant.

Very popular and friendly. ENFPs are altruistic and cooperative, doing their best to be empathic and friendly in every situation. They can get along with nearly everyone and usually have a large circle of friends and acquaintances.
I do love my people- and as a result have been seriously guilty of spreading myself way too thin

Energetic and enthusiastic. ENFPs are always eager to share their ideas with other people and get their opinions in return. Their enthusiasm is contagious and very inspiring at the same time.
I hope so.

Know how to relax. People with this personality type know how to switch off and have fun, simply experiencing life and everything it has to offer. Their wild bursts of enthusiastic energy can often surprise even their closest friends.
I almost deleted the “relax” piece. That I can’t do. But have fun, absolutely.

Excellent communicators. ENFPs tend to have great people skills and they instantly know how to present their ideas in a convincing way. They can handle both small talk and deep, meaningful conversations, although the ENFP’s definition of small talk may be somewhat unusual – they will steer the conversation towards ideas rather than weather, gossip etc.
you want to have a weird ass conversation, I’m your girl. Some topics I love discussing- the existence of aliens (they exist.), paranormal experiences, working out, fashion, celebrity gossip, and the purpose of religion.

Curious. ENFPs are very imaginative and open-minded. They enjoy trying out new things and do not hesitate to go outside their comfort zone if necessary.
I was the most annoying child. Ever. but why, but why, why? Thank goodness for google and Wikipedia.

ENFP weaknesses a moment of truth.

Highly emotional. ENFP personalities tend to have very intense emotions, seeing them as an inseparable part of their identity. This may often cause the ENFP to react strongly to criticism, conflicts or tension.
what?! Me?! This isn’t even like me… I can’t believe you would say that.

May have poor practical skills. ENFPs are brilliant when it comes to solving problems, creating processes or initiating projects (especially if they involve other people) – however, they are likely to find it difficult to follow through and deal with the practical, administrative side of things.
it’s so true I just can’t comment on this. And while it’s something I know about myself, it’s still difficult to read.

Overthink things. ENFPs always look for hidden motives and tend to overthink even the simplest things, constantly asking themselves why someone did what they did and what that might mean.
I thought this was just a chick thing.

Get stressed easily. ENFPs are very sensitive and care deeply about other people’s feelings – this can cause them a lot of stress sometimes as people often look toward them for guidance and encouragement, and the ENFP cannot always say “yes”.
One of my personal goals for myself through this blog is to let go of some of my stress. I do put the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I know I can’t handle it.

Find it difficult to focus. People with the ENFP personality type lose interest quickly if their project shifts towards routine, administrative matters – they may not be able to stop their mind from wandering off.
also another goal. I lose focus so quickly- hence the need for immediate satisfaction. As a result I am searching forcing myself to be consistent and to not lose sight of my goals.

Very independent. ENFPs loathe being micromanaged or restrained by rules and guidelines. They want to be seen as highly independent individuals, masters of their own fate.
Yes- but why is this a weakness?!

While I can’t say I learned anything new about myself, it was interesting to see how a sixty question quiz can pinpoint some characteristics that I do have. It also forces me to be honest with my intentions in running, yoga, and blogging. And, more importantly, it kept me entertained for a solid 30 minutes.


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