Rest Day is the Best Day

Today I was having one of those days. My alarm did not go off, and I woke up at 6:49- I had to be at work early today by 7:15.

I tried to accessorize (because even when you wake up late, don’t forget to accessorize) and broke one of my favorite necklaces in the process.


I had no time to make breakfast, lunch, and most importantly coffee.

And then I got to work, told myself to shut up, and just let it all go-

I somehow made it to work on time- shirt not ironed, but otherwise pretty put together if I do say so myself, John surprised me with coffee and breakfast and lunch (we work together, it’s how we met!), and my water bottle had a friendly and adorable reminder in it that made me smile to myself.

20131121-165744.jpgThis week I’ve been searching for the silver lining (for example: I’m lucky I even woke up at 6:49 and at least that necklace was cheap). Around this time of the year I tend to feel overwhelmed with various responsibilities and as a result my days are just that, regular days that I feel like I’m just getting through.

wake up, go to work, come home, work out, get home, eat dinner, sleep.

This post is not meant to be a forum of complaints, I rather be busy than bored, but this day-in-day-out lifestyle that I’ve been living is killing me.

(please read in a robot voiceI-am-feeling-like-a-robot 

So, this week I made a vow to myself to breath and seek the positive, even if it’s not initially visible- like an elephant in a water bottle. I needed to find the beauty in the monotony of it all. This idea was oddly reiterated in yoga last night- I swear my yoga teacher always knows exactly what I’m dealing with. I came to a realization of what I needed- a break. So today I came home, I sat my bum on the couch, and I relaxed. It’s what the doctor ordered. As much as I have become committed to running and yoga, too much of anything is never a good thing. Tonight I am going to enjoy the free time and allow myself to chill out. 


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