Getting Thankful on Hanukkah

Welcome to thanksgiving eve night. Historically, the night of Thanksgiving eve is notorious as one of the best going out nights. So naturally, I’m already in sweatpants on my couch waiting for Chinese food. This is how I roll. Now, that’s not the whole truth, in actuality, I would love to be a social being. I have to admit that I’m not feeling 100%. I hate admitting that. Besides a cold I am fighting, my knee is acting up and my joints are stiff. This is turning into the most complaint ridden and boring post ever… So I’m going to stop now before it gets worse and I’m going to discuss presents and how I plan on spending my night.

Tonight is not only thanksgiving eve, but also the first night of Hanukkah. I would like to believe that overall I am a grateful person and never ask for too much. In part because I know if I want it, I can buy it. All my ladays who independent throw your hands up at me! In part because I’m indecisive. In part because I hate asking and expecting things. Now, don’t get it twisted, I do enjoy a beautiful bag, some nice shoes, and pretty much anything shiny, but I never have a true need for anything. As a result I’m pretty tricky to shop for- imagine how challenging that would be to date me?!

To help demystify gift giving, I have taken to Pinterest. No longer just the place to create imaginary weddings on or the place to inspire bound to fail creations (ie: Classic example from website below:
20131127-171241.jpg Pinterest now serves to help boyfriends all over the world. John has picked up on my affinity for pinning and he takes to my “things I like” board when ideas get tough. As a result I’ve received some pretty spot on presents including a personal favorite:

This first night of Hanukkah we exchanged some presents. As a good old confirmation receiving Christian, John has not yet been assimilated into Jewish life. I decided to give him 8 nights of presents so he can fully understand how frustrating life is for a Jewish child. Eight nights of semi cool stuff. I even allowed him to pick out which one he wanted to open. He had to decide strictly based on looks, no feeling, shaking, or kicking the gift allowed. Night one: he chooses the headphones. I needed to get him these since I may have adopted his headphones as my own months ago. Gift for me?

Swoon, my love of watches continues! The boyfriend strikes again.

Tomorrow I take the drive north to spend some quality time with the familia for a full day of hybrid thanksgiving Hanukkah, or as my people call it, Thanksgivukkah. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on being thankful since I began writing this blog, and for that alone I am thankful. I am thankful that I have a forum that allows me to continuously recognize how fortunate and blessed I am. Now, I bid you farewell. For the rest of my night, while the rest of you are getting loose on liquid, I’m going to pass out from NyQuil.


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