Being Dramatic on Broadway

Yesterday felt like an episode of 24. A very slow episode of 24… I seemed to do everything in slow motion, but I could hear the clock all day- if you don’t get this done, the whole world will end.

10 a.m.- roll out of bed

tick tock tick tock

10:01 – start my blog. Ponder it all for far too long- perfection is the goal, people!

tick tock tick tock

11:00 – Watch three episodes of South Park to prep minds for the night- Book of Mormon night!

tick tock tick tock

12:32 – Discuss going to the gym. Prior to our gym visit, I had a weird mix of motivation. Last night my girlfriends and I did Secret Santa, with each of us bringing a dish, needless to say, in the morning I had a slight food baby and I was slightly tired. The other side of me was saying, follow your motto… you will never want to go, so just do it- yep. That’s one of my mottos.

tick tock tick tock

12:37 – Go to the gym. When I hit the standard two mile mark I looked over at John as though to confirm, telepathically – are we there yet?! To which he telepathically said back, one more mile. I forced myself to do the one more mile. I told myself, remember those days two miles seemed impossible? You can do three. When it was over I can’t say I was high on life, but I did thank my partner in crime for the extra motivation.

tick tock tick tock

1:08 – Now the clock is really ticking. In t-2 hours we must be on the train. T-4 hours dinner. T-6.5 hours Book of Mormon. Begin beautification process.

tick tock tick tock

3:31 – make the train, obviously, I’m a serious time nazi.

tick tock tick tock

4:30 – 8th avenue we go for some Japanese barbecue. A Korean barbecue imposter.




tick tock tick tock

6:30 – pick up tickets!

tick tock tick tock

6:41 – cappuccino pump up time! Meander around the city time! Want to punch slow walkers time! – I get aggressive after cappuccino.

tick tock tick tock

7:30 – purchase $16 drinks. Yes. $16. Welcome to Manhattan. We then got cozy and ready to enjoy the show.


Ready for the summary?! Book of Mormon tells the story of two Mormons as they head out on their first mission. The show is hilarious, offensive, and I loved it. The creators of South Park, for all of their disgusting humor, have such a sharp sense of morality as well. They ruthlessly create intelligent perspectives through their vile work. Kudos.

We spent the rest of the night wandering the city- there is something spectacular about the city in the winter. In fact, we walked everywhere all day. I love that. Use those legs you were given!






At the end of the night Jack Bauer once again saved the day and all was right in the world. What will happen today?! Only the creators of 24 will know.


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