Learning to Fail

How do I learn? I use all of my senses.

I allow myself to risk failure while striving for greatness.


I allow myself to fall.


I take chances.


I travel. And when I travel I ask questions. I also dye my hair. And I learn from that too- don’t dye your hair.


I use my brain. And I study. And I read because I have to.


I read because I want to.


I try to see it all. From every angle.


I listen carefully.


I watch the successes of others and strive for their great accomplishments as well.


I take in the world around me and allow myself to be humble that I am just a speck in the grand scheme of life.


I believe in working with others and I believe that I can learn as a team.


I allow myself to fall in love. Despite making myself vulnerable to another person. And sometimes love doesn’t work, but I learned from that too.


I learn from the love of others. And from those who have far more experience in everything.


I learn because I have a deep intrinsic need to, because I am appreciative of the world I live in. I have seen what life has to offer, and though at times, I have been jaded, I know that this world is whatever you make of it. When I allowed myself to risk failure I found that sometimes I will fail, but other times I will achieve whatever I set out to do. Taking the risk of failure in order to truly live makes it all worth it. That is how I learn.



18 thoughts on “Learning to Fail

  1. What an inspiring post!! =) I loved the message from this post as it shows to never give up, never stop learning, and you can learn so much from others and loved ones. ❤ Such a beautiful post!!!

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  9. Really enjoyed your post. Love your writing style combined with the photos. 🙂 I agree, on dying your hair. And I am thinking of taking a chance on something new. Maybe I should just see it as learning and give it a go… Food for thought! Great post!

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