Me Time.

Here’s to relaxing.
Here’s to pretty colors.
Here’s to chick flicks.
Here’s to green peach tea.
Here’s to a perfect Wednesday night.

How do you unwind?!


4 thoughts on “Me Time.

  1. Oh, nice!! I love “me” time. I like to dive into a Netflix series (Orange is the new black, Don’t trust the B in apt 23, and The Carrie Diaries on a loop) and sip on some green tea. I’ll do my nails when I’m watching a re-run of something so I don’t have to keep looking at the screen.
    Here’s to unwinding!! ❤

    • Netflix series I have completed: All three of those! Yep. Love them. And I completely agree. I always save time for nails during the re-runs. Nothing like popping down and just mindlessly getting pretty.

  2. I have been having a lot of me time lately!! I love GREEN TEA!! What brand is yours? My favorite is from Mountain Rose Herbs! Green Tea is one of the best way to relax! I always have to drink a Caffeine Free tea before bed every night, really helps one unwind!! Hope you enjoyed your “unwinding”- show us a pic of those nails!

    • Honestly, I have no idea what brand I drink. Pretty much whatever was on sale and looked good! 🙂 as per the nails… I painted them a HIDEOUS green. No idea what possessed me to pick the ugliest color in the box, probably because I never use green on my nails. But, my new nails are beautiful, shiny, and red! Christmas is upon us (says the Jewish girl)!

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