There is Such a Thing as Too Much

Could it have been my couch session of Love Actually, twice, that made my regular 8:15 yoga class seem like more of an obligation tonight than the usual necessity? Tonight I was lazy. I had zero desire to do anything at all unless it was watching Love Actually for a third time in a row. And cry by myself. For a third time in a row.

Maybe it was my recent workout schedule that was taking it’s toll on my motivation:

12/9 hot yoga
12/11 hot yoga
12/12 run three miles
12/13 run three miles
12/14 hot yoga
12/15 run three miles
12/16 hot yoga
12/17 run three miles
12/18 hot yoga

Well, in 10 days, I’ve worked out 9 times. I would say it’s time to relax. And honestly, I didn’t even realize that this is what I did until I wrote it down.

Regardless, as I set out to my regular 8:15 class it felt as though the world was working against me. After a near accident and missing my turn, I was cursing at strangers before I walked into my cool down zone. There I was, stuck parking farther than I wanted to walk, in quite the spirit, and I was forced to pass Five Guys, a pizza place, a burrito joint, and a bar. My eggs for dinner was feeling pathetic. My stomach my growling. Cutting out of class was seeming like a fantastic idea.

But I didn’t. Mostly because I’m a huge nerd and I’m so uncool that I didn’t even cut out on senior cut day in high school, but also because I made a commitment to myself. Old me was a self commitment phobe and would have turned around and made any excuse to go home and watch Love Actually. New me says no excuses. Woman up. And I can tell you two things. The first, I’m glad I went to class tonight. Not only do I respect my instructor completely, but our discussion felt so relevant to life at this moment. Love was the theme. Universal love. Giving it, receiving it. One of my favorite thoughts- when we are young we require love, when does that stop? I would argue it never does. So, spread the love. Especially this time of the year.

As I left class and I walked by the bar, the burrito joint, the pizza place, and the glorious Five Guys, I also was able to reflect on the second thing I was planning on telling you about- I need to be more aware of my needs to sit down and take it easy. I forget to do this because I get so wrapped up in whatever I’m doing. This weekend as soon as I decided to do the half marathon I knew I was putting my mind to something and I wanted to immediately throw myself into running. Maybe not the best idea. Regardless, I continued to push myself. Today, I am certain of one thing- tomorrow I fully intend on absolutely, without a doubt, not working out.


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