Getting in the Spirit

We all get it, you’ve been sick. Well, I’m better loves!

Yesterday I put in a challenging 5k at the gym and then busted out some ab work, and I felt right where I was supposed to be. But holy difference after not working out for a little while. This makes total sense as to why every time I quit the gym thing I’m straight back to apathy and hating the gym. Not this time.

This morning I woke up in the Christmas spirit, for a Jew, and I went to a yoga class with a truly phenomenal instructor. I knew it would be necessary with the running around and the stress leading up to a day that is seemingly non-stressful. We can all laugh at that statement, right? The class was packed, mat to mat, and I’ve never been in a tighter space in a yoga class before, but as we spoke about the season and coming together it became yoga family time.

Wonderful! Breathing capabilities restored.

So, from one Jew to all of you, merry Christmas. Find your place of peace. Do whatever you have to do to get there, because yes, this time of the year is amazeballs, but it is really stressful!

Much love,



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