Alive at Five

After a lovely and festive week with family and friends, I woke up yesterday and appeared to be “expecting” my first little food baby. If you have never heard of a food baby please follow this like right here to this totally accurate and real definition.

I find it extraordinarily simple to get stuck in a couch rut. You’ve been there, you’re no better! You sit down, hours go by, the gym sneakers by the door are giving you looks like you’re lazy, but you don’t care because Real Housewives is hilarious. That was about to be me yesterday, but then I looked at my Nike Fuel band. That little bugger calculates your daily movement.

It knows when you’ve been lazy
It knows when you’ve been fit
It knows when you’ve been good or bad
So get your ass to the gym and move around a bit

Also, I love new toys, so it seemed essential that I get in action for the day.

So I get to the gym and I just had this feeling. Today is the day I’m running five straight miles. This was a goal I created for myself when December began, I knew I wanted to hit 5 before 2014. I know to some that seems minuscule, but for me, that’s a possible life or death scenario. Remember that 5k I did in November for my birthday- the zombie run. Well, I died in it. The zombies got me on mile 2. Had I been able to run 5 consecutive miles, maybe I would have survived. Now I’m daydreaming about running from zombies, and bears in the woods, I’m very imaginative, and my best songs are playing into my headphones and I’m doing it. I pass 3 which has become my new standard. I get to 4. Then I’m thinking to myself, a mile is nothing. And I’m there!

My first five miles in 47:29.

I’m surrounded by people in a packed gym taking selfies like a weirdo. Just a girl and her treadmill. And for now five is alright and I’m pumped to go for six. I just need to be able to walk right first- holy soreness! Happy Saturday loves!


10 thoughts on “Alive at Five

  1. I’ve always wanted to do a Zombie run. As I currently resemble a barrel, I am going to get off my arse and start running again. After Pacific Rim. And lunch. Or maybe tomorrow… Great post!

    • The zombie runs are hard! You are at a steady run and then sprinting your ass off. So if you are looking to lose some arse, this is the run haha!
      And yes. Maybe tomorrow for the run: ) thanks for the compliment too!

  2. Congrats on your First Five!! I, too, have had the feeling of “just one more mile” before. Too often, I listen to it. LOL So will 5 be your new standard? 🙂 Have a great new year of running!

    • Thanks! I wish I could say yes, five is the standard, but I’m not ready to commit! I’m finally comfortable at 3! I think five is the new four and six is the new goal: ) here’s to running! Happy new year to you too and thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks! I just decided to stay at an even pace of around 6.2 to get my feel for five miles. I changed it up in the last mile to a higher pace to make a better time. It’s crazy how competitive running can make you with yourself!

      I just watched the promo for that zombi app… Amazing! That’s too funny! It was really is intense because it’s slow paced and then insanely fast paced when you’re trying to run! Definitely an amazing way to train.

    • Thank you! I know what you mean about the treadmill, but I’m not an outdoor runner when it’s this cold out. I tried to be, I bought gear, and then when it was game time, I couldn’t handle it. I’m always impressed when I see people with icicles basically hanging off the end of their nose after a run!

      My race is in May so I’m excited that I have time to get back outside and I think that will help motivate me even more.

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