Sex Sells Resolutions

Coincidence, I think not.

What am I referring to? Vh1’s 100 sexiest artists list starting at 6 a.m. of course! Spoiler alert, it’s the queen herself, Beyoncé. My girl crush. My boy Justin also makes the list at a cool number three. So, why do I think it’s no coincidence that this list is playing first thing in the morning?! Oh Vh1, I see right through you- creating sad and unattainable goals for all of us non famous people. I’m sitting in my gym clothes eating breakfast while watching Rihanna fearlessly shake around her inch thin torso and rock solid legs. It’s these lists that make us create insane resolutions hoping that when we go to sleep on January 1st and wake up on the 2nd we will have obtained Shakira’s abs. Whether or not we admit it, it’s societal pressures that shape so many of our resolutions.

This is why I’ve always been hesitant towards resolutions. In fact, I made one in my life and it was last year- remember to floss everyday. I’ll be honest, I definitely didn’t. The sad part is the reason I never created them- I hate failure and I convinced myself that I would be unsuccessful in the resolutions I would make. This year I made a new resolution to myself, it wasn’t for the new year, but it occurred throughout it, and the best part, I actually held myself accountable. So this year after a lot of thought, I decided to make an actual resolution.

Many of us have the gym goal resolution, I do too and I’m sticking to it. I want to continue to create a healthier me and I know that is through continuing this path that I’ve been on. For so many years I started out in January with the gym pack that takes up every machine only to quickly dissipate as the month progresses. Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it because by January 30th we haven’t achieved exactly what our intended goal was for the YEAR? Well, I am here to tell you that I have been steadily attending yoga classes since may and running since august. I did not see immediate results and at times it was frustrating, but you have to stick it out. You have to identify your objectives and recognize that there is only one factor in change- it’s you. No one else.

So, here I am to create obtainable and realistic goals for the new year. I will continue to regularly run and train for the half marathon in May. I intend on completing a minimum of two more races throughout the year. I also want to become knowledgeable about the food choices I make and how they impact my health. With that, I will do a better job planning out meals in advance so I’m not continuously running out and spending excess money on less healthy options. I would also like to find creative alternatives to meals. Grilled chicken = snooze fest. That doesn’t mean I’m no longer enjoying my nights out- I also promise to spend important quality time with those close to me. So, here I continue on my journey- a real resolution may take you longer than one year to come into fruition. There is no quick fix. I do not have Britney’s body circa 2002 and that’s perfectly fine. I have a better piece of mind, I feel more balanced, and I’m finally understanding what I need in order to create the life I want to live.

Here’s to a happy and most importantly healthy (which creates happiness!) New Year!

See you in 2014 – much love,



4 thoughts on “Sex Sells Resolutions

  1. I think that’s a perfectly good idea for 2014! And I totally hear you about VH1 – they were playing that at 5am when I got to the gym. Not sure what number they were on since I wasn’t watching the TV, but when I looked up it was Dave Navarro at one point and then I think they showed TLC somewhere in there too. I was too busy watching Netflix on my phone though! LOL

    • Thanks! I think you also need to reevaluate goals continuously – like, how the hell could I not keep up with flossing?! I can’t believe I even admit that. Haha! But it’s true, you need to constantly go back to your intentions!

      Here’s to a new year and a new me with new resolutions that I will follow!!!! And a happy new year to you too!

      • You’re absolutely right! It takes a lot of reevaluating. Mine wasn’t a physical resolution last year, so it was harder to track. It was to “be more selfish”. Effectively to do the right thing by me. And I had to stop myself in situations and remind myself it was not only okay to be ‘selfish’ but that I’m supposed to be aiming for it this year. And it’s easy to lose track of that, but that’s what we gotta do!

        I can understand how any task slips away from us, so I wouldn’t be so harsh on yourself for the flossing thing. At least your intent was there! And now you know what it takes to see out a resolution, and you will this year!

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