8 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Lucky you! Unfortunately in the health care business snow days just mean get your ass to work on time or your fired. I roughed the snow this year and successfully made it to and from work yesterday and to work today. Luckily I have a pathfinder =)

    Cheers! Enjoy your coffee

    • Like most jobs unfortunately! There is always such a rush and a focus on work. I recall being young and the weather was horrific and my mom was off to traverse the highways to get to work 40 minutes away. The woman is terrified of driving in snow, but there was no choice. I also have a friend in sales… She sells makeup. Following hurricane sandy she had to go to work, today she had to go to work- she was like, is the sale of makeup that important?!

    • It’s a great way to start the morning and such a reminder that I’m not as weird as I give myself credit for 😉
      And thanks- I took off the past two days so I couldn’t skip another. Snow or no snow- that’s commitment baby!

    • So I’m watching the news and this mom was like, I just want them to go back to school. They’ve been home too long. I laughed hysterically to myself imagining these kids trapped in the house going stir crazy after a long christmas break. Mom is probably pouring extra large sized glasses of wine.

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