Reynauds, Snowboarding, and My Fridge

Winter holds no purpose of existence in my life. This is coming from a New Yorker. The only reason I started snowboarding was due to my extreme hatred of this time of the year- yes I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but I needed to make myself look forward to the season in some way. For years I would get a season pass, or go to Killington, Vermont for a few days to get my fix.

Then my mom stopped paying for things.

Snowboarding, and I’m sure skiing too, but I was too cool for skiing when I was sixteen, is very costly. Board, bindings, boots, jacket, pants, goggles, helmet, and other gear and you’re totaling up pretty high- that was like five separate Hanukkahs right there. One lift ticket back in 2007 was $65, and currently it’s $90. And like I said, my mom stopped paying for things- she was like, you are 26 and have a job.

It has been six seasons since the last time I went snowboarding. Many people say “it’s just like riding a bike.” The last time I had to relearn how to ride my bike I crashed into a bush and an old man asked me if it was my first time. So I’m calling bull on this one. Unless it is like riding a bike and I’m going to crash into a bush- that’s a more likely scenario.

Last night after an impromptu friend gathering we got to talking about a February ski trip. If you have been following my blog for a while or you know me personally, you know I act on impulse. If it sounds exciting then and there, I am in, and just like that, check made out and signed. We are going to Vermont! I was so excited that I broke out the old gear. And by breaking out I mean trying on. And spinning around in my living room… as everyone else was normal and sitting on the couch.

There she is. Making a guest appearance with my fridge. Which is giving all of my friends a guest appearance. And the Mets- that’s not my doing, it’s John’s fault.

And while I’m super excited to hit the slopes, I’m also slightly apprehensive. Lupus people or anyone with Reynauds understands how complex a relationship can be with cold weather. And just like that, an exciting hobby can be scary- Reynauds causes me to lose circulation and feeling in my extremities. But it’s because of lupus that I’ve given up so much in my life, and while I take it seriously I can’t allow it to take away the things that make me happy anymore. So lupus, screw you, I’m going snowboarding!

Any suggestions as to how to deal with the cold weather to protect my fingers and toes?!
Runners, I’m sure you have some tricks.


18 thoughts on “Reynauds, Snowboarding, and My Fridge

  1. Mets? Oh wait, off point (Go Yankees)

    When I ran the Manhattan half last year, a friend of mine (who lies in Long Beach) gave me these small bags that once opened radiated a warming heat. I don’t recall their name (sorry). I also had weight lifting gloves on under my running gloves.

    Glad to see that you are living life and not just sitting back waiting for days to pass.

    Happy New Year

    • Hey, I said the mets thing wasn’t my fault… I’m a Yankees girl. I had to sacrifice something for the poor guy.
      As for the small bags that radiate heat, I have those, but sometimes they burn! It actually says on it that you shouldn’t put those directly on your skin, like I listen, but I’ve gotten burns!

      • I put one between my two gloves. Good luck.

        FYI – Problem with New York: Too many Met Fans. You need only enough to make the Pizzas and that it. πŸ˜‰

      • Now that’s a perfect idea! Thanks! And yes, I have to agree. But that’s in Long Island, where I’m from people are Yankees fans. And in Albany people are Red Sox fans- despicable. They call themselves New Yorkers.

        But on that note, thanks for the suggestions! Definitely doing that.

  2. While I don’t have reynauds, I’m a big wimp. At tjmaxx/Marshall’s they’ve been selling little hand and toe warmers (the kind you put inside your gloves and socks). I’ve also found that really warm fleece mittens are way better than any gloves at keeping my hands warm! Wool socks on your hands will also work, but you may suffer negative social repraucussions. I have not come up with a solid solution for toes, but two pairs of “smart wool” socks usually do the trick.

    • Hahaha! Yes socks on my hands. I mean, I already sweat from crazy places, what do I have to lose?! I’ll have to check out marshalls and see what my options are. I like the hand warming and toe warming idea… Might be my best option.

  3. I was gonna suggest those hand warmer things too, maybe in between two pairs of gloves (a thin tighter glove inside, warmer, then thicker fleecier glove on top). I hope you can figure it out and have a BLAST!!

    PS. Go Red Sox! πŸ˜€

  4. This is where tights can be a good idea. I also wear my summer running shirts under my cold weather shirts covered by some outerwear (sometimes even my thin windbreaker sandwiched in). I don’t wear my Redsox windbreaker when I run though, I like to keep that pristine πŸ˜‰

  5. I have really severe Reynaud’s (related to gluten intolerance and possible other yet undiagnosed autoimmune stuff) and I understand how painful and intolerable it can be. I love that you are forging ahead in spite of it! Good luck to you!

    • I’m truthfully afraid because, as you know, it’s painful! Hopefully I can take these tips and listen to my body as well. When I used to go I would choose shorter trails or ones that had easy access to a lodge so I could warm up easily. Here’s hoping it’s 75 and sunny πŸ˜‰

      • My doctor had me take a pill that is basically typically prescribed to lower blood pressure (which is funny because as a runner, my blood pressure run lower than most people). It didn’t have an effect on me, so I stopped. I haven’t taken anything since.

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