Blog? Running? I have hobbies?

I’m a soul searcher in constant need to figure it all out. Ride out life? Allow myself to naturally grow into who I’m supposed to be, no questions asked? Never. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s a bad thing, but I always have a deep need to understand who I am.

Mom, leave me alone… I’m questioning these awfully cut bangs. And life. I’m totally side-eyeing the camera too… Like, seriously, are we taking this picture now, I’m enjoying Barney and my Pizza Hut cup. So, back to this post and not that adorable child- can you guys believe my family told me I looked like either a gremlin or a pigeon.

Growing up I never had a true hobby. In high school I did drama club and I was voted as the superlative “most dramatic” (people’s views as to why differ, but I digress), and as much as I enjoyed acting, it wasn’t my niche. I often felt like an imposter next to the kids that viewed theater as their life dream. It was possibly my ongoing awkwardness and discomfort that made me feel that way, but I never viewed acting as a true passion.
Sports. That’s all. There is nothing to say.
Art was ok. I toyed with photography but I loathed developing my own film and back in 2003 before the overwhelming digital age we actually had to do that. I’m more of a point and shoot kinda girl.
I tried playing the guitar- boring.
Video games made me cringe.
Hiking was fine unless you actually wanted to do a serious mountain, in that case I hated hiking.
Even the most easy hobby for a high schooler, drinking and drugs, just never interested me.

I wasn’t a quitter in finding what brought me happiness, but nothing stuck. Everything engaged me for a short amount of time, but then it fell short. I didn’t have that passion that the drama kids in good old MHS had, and I craved it. I wanted something of my own. Ultimately, I allowed myself to believe that I was one of those people that would never have a hobby. And I made peace with that.

Until I met Jess and John- Jess, one of my dearest friends, and John, my main squeeze. Believe it or not, we all met on the same day as new hires and though the love wasn’t immediate, I can’t imagine my life without either of them. The two of them are hobbyists- that word exists as a real word, but it does not mean what I want it to mean, so for this post a hobbyist is a person with a lot of hobbies.

Jess will try anything- she loves (real) hiking, snorkeling, scuba, surfing, bikram, any kind of yoga, traveling, cooking (including baking), and more. I could smack her she’s so awesome. Since we began of friendlationship I have definitely opened myself up to more things, such as bikram yoga. She’s currently doing the thirty day challenge where you complete 30 days of bikram in a row. You can do it, girl! We are also doing a partner class TOMORROW. So help me, god. Basically, I love her because she’s fabulous and does things like swimming with whale sharks. You should be jealous she is my friend.

John’s hobbies date back to his youth but the one that I’m most impressed with is his guitar skills. When I first met him I never imagined he would own way too many guitars, but he does (sell some. Please.) I love that he will serenade me with songs like, Look at Talia, she is cleaning, she’s always makin’ a mess as I clean the apartment. I also love that he’s not that guy. You know what I mean, the guy breaking out the guitar while everyone is hanging out. Most people don’t even know John plays- now they do! His newest hobby is cooking, my newest hobby is eating the deliciousness he cooks. This is why we are perfect together. There is something wonderful about being with a person that likes things other than you. As weird as that sounds, I like knowing I’m not his only thing. I’m just the most special, right?!

I love surrounding myself with people like this- people that make me come out of my shell and want to find what makes me happy. I guess that’s where I found my (sometimes, when it isn’t that hard) love of running and more importantly, blogging. My dear blog friends, this is quite the outlet for me. I could write in a private journal, sure, but it wouldn’t give me the satisfaction that I get from communicating with you all. I’m regularly inspired by the newest runner, struggling like myself, or the seasoned runner who pushes me. I love the ability to relate to like minded people who are searching for themselves as well. It could be that we all are and maybe we just don’t talk about it. Sometimes this world feels lonely, like, am I the only loser that doesn’t have a hobby? Nope. Most of us are.

Do you have a hobby? What is it?! Give me something to contemplate trying!