Living Outside the Box

Today I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried Acro Yoga with my yoga partner in crime, Jess. I say that I stepped outside of my comfort zone because despite practicing yoga since May, this was different. My first question was- acro yoga? What the hell is that… Rather than explain it, check out this link for a better understanding than I could ever explain:

Another reason I entered into this apprehensively- it’s a partner class. As much as I love my friend, working with someone is terrifying. Maybe it’s that trust component that had me fearful. The class brought me back to grad school when they literally took us to Lake George and into the woods for some team building exercises. Lame? Yes. Necessary? Not necessarily. Worth it? Somehow, totally.

By the end of the class we laughed hysterically, made new yogi friends, and somehow, got a little closer. Maybe it was the Thai yoga massage training, or the fact that our heads were literally in very personal places.




The moral of the story: step outside of the familiar. In the words of this wise person I know named Nick, the only place we truly grow in life lies outside of our comfort zone… And doesn’t that make life more exciting?!