If Happiness was a Light Switch

This morning as I was stalking perusing facebook, I came across this little motivational poster.


I had to question this poster a bit.

1- What is happiness? How can we easily identify it?

2- Can we change our emotional state simply by making a change?

3- If it takes change to find true bliss, then how can we figure out what it is that we need to change?

This has been part of my struggle all along. Losing my shine, trying to find it, and recognizing what I needed to change in order to get it back. Something I learned this year: I’m the only person in this equation that can change and I’m the only one that can control how I ultimately feel.

So while happiness definitely isn’t as easy turning on a light switch or just “turning off” what is creating negativity in our lives, I have to say, I’m OK with that. But imagine if it was that easy? We would have nothing to complain about! Relationships would no longer be as tumultuous and exciting! And-¬†Facebook would no longer exist as a place for people to air our their problems with strangers! Oh, life. I love you.