That Time I had Acid Reflux

This past week I have felt like a true lupus girl- sick. Constantly. As soon as I begin to feel better the cycle of weakness began again. This week consisted of attempts to workout and now that I’m reflecting on the week, the result aren’t too bad, but none of it was my best.

Monday: an excellent yoga class.

Tuesday: a horrific run- I could only do 2 miles and it was HELL!

Wednesday: 8:15 yoga class that was bittersweet. I did a semi-acceptable crow but felt mediocre throughout class.

Thursday: In bed by 7:30 p.m. contemplating calling out of work.

Friday: woke up and felt better. Work was a go. Gym when I got home and I did a 5K in 29 minutes. Not my best time, definitely not my worst time.

So what’s going on immune system? You scallywag! After being convinced through self diagnosis that I have acid reflux (pretty sure I totally made that one up in my head) I decided to cut out all things associated with it. No more red sauce, goodbye Frank’s Red Hot my one true love, sayonara beer my other one true love. I did take up popping tums like candy- why aren’t tums candy?

By Wednesday I eliminated coffee from my breakfast. Webmd told me it was a good idea due to my probably fictional case of heartburn- Hello… I have a shirt… with a gun… that says MAKE ME COFFEE. And sometimes I think I actually have that kind of relationship with my coffee- highly aggressive. By 12:00 p.m. I was light sensitive, mean, and I had a pounding headache. Hey, webmd said nothing about these symptoms with acid reflux. It turns out that I’m just a coffee addict with a cold, and the symptoms I was going through more closely resemble withdrawal. One IV injected into my veins cup later and I was once again human.

And on that note, I will leave you with a wise a quote I frequently sang in 1997:

I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down…pissing the night away –Chumbawamba


5 thoughts on “That Time I had Acid Reflux

  1. Boooo to feeling like crap. Yaaaaay to Chumbawamba! Major major major boo to ever needing to give up hot sauce/beer/coffee–those are three of the main food groups I survive on!!

  2. “A coffee addict with a cold” haha that’s hilarious! But seriously though I hope you feel better quick. As a nurse, my self-diagnosing – and diagnosing of my children – is out of control. If I listened to myself, I’ve had: a stress fracture in my right foot (my laces were just too tight); breast cancer (it was fibrous tissue, benign). My son started wetting the bed at night and I was sure he had juvenile diabetes (he was just stressed from school starting up again). You get the picture!

  3. try green tea instead of coffee. I drink it when I do juice cleanses and I always think it’s not going to be the same, but it usually does the trick. Also, Celestial Seasonings makes a tea (that I can’t remember the name of) that’s a little higher in caffeine for those trying to quit coffee.

  4. I have a really annoying case of acid reflux — it sucks. The things that make it better are tums, ginger- anything, and apple cider vinegar. But the BEST solution is to take a probiotic at the beginning of the day.

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