The First Person

I have not always been, nor am I currently, the most confident person. I don’t think it’s a self conscious thing. I think it’s more of a, I’m a young female, thing. We are brought up in a culture that requires that we constantly evaluate ourselves: am I thin enough? Pretty enough? Stylish enough? Somehow, at the bottom of this list of expectations, we may ask essential questions in life, like, am I smart enough? And if you’re like me, at times in your life you may have driven yourself crazy trying to answer these ridiculous questions.

I’m sick of it. After watching a sketch comedy show by Amy Schumer making a mockery of our crazy ass-hat-ness, I had to reevaluate myself. Video is NSFW due to cursing: Amy Schumer

And I can’t believe that this epiphany came to me through sketch comedy, but it did, now I just say thank you. You like my shirt, thanks. My hair looks great, thanks. So frequently, rather than just say a simple thank you, stupidity would instead roll out of my mouth: oh, this, ah, I feel like garbage today. I can’t say I’ve perfected the thank you, but I’m working on it!

Recently I got this fortune: self confidence is just enthusiasm at work.

I put it up on my medicine cabinet in the bathroom as a morning mantra. It’s ok to start your day off with that kind of positivity. So now, the first thing I see when I wake up is this:


Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror


27 thoughts on “The First Person

  1. Omg I’m dying laughing from that sketch!! It’s hilarious how easily we GIVE compliments but how it’s hard to graciously accept them. I don’t know how old you are, but I’m 36 and the older I get the easier it is to take ownership of my efforts, my looks, my health, my professional accomplishments, and just say thank you! Great post!

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