She Knows How to Speak

People! This year I had a few undisclosed resolutions that I’ve made in secret with myself. Not so secret anymore! I have decided to enter into the 21st century in terms of technology. My friends are used to my backwards views of cell phones… don’t call her. don’t text her. she wont answer. And it isn’t personal, but of course people are going to take it that way. I just hate most technology with the same fiery passion that I usually reserve for Sunday drivers. I guess the reason stems from my lack of success with cell phones- I tend to trust the sales person way too much. They’re so convincing. As a result I always wind up with the worst phone in the store. Their boss was probably like, see that chick over there, well, we need to get rid of at least one of these pieces of youknowwhat by the end of this quarter. Go get ’em tiger. 

No more. I’m getting an I-Phone. And because I’ve decided to enter into a new age of cell phones I also decided to jump on the Twatter bandwagon. Why not?! So, as of today I have a #TwitterHandle #What’sahashtag? And my name is 52milespermonth! Of course!

And while I’m entering the twittersphere, why not just create a youtube account today so people have to LISTEN to me profess mumbo jumbo on my musings. And I say mumbo jumbo because I just watched how I’m speaking in this video and it is HORRIFYING. For your viewing pleasure.

You see, when I decide to enter into anything, I jump. And this is why I firmly believe that as much as my friends have been requesting for years that I update my life, I think they may regret their choice… be careful what you wish for! 

And as a final point to this post- how weird is it when you follow a person but you never actually hear them speak- then all of the sudden they post a video and it’s like… So that’s how they sound?!


12 thoughts on “She Knows How to Speak

      • I think it was awesome and loved the explanation of why you were in the bathroom! hahaha You made me want to start a youtube account! Totally loved it! 🙂

    • BAHAHAHA Funny- I just saw that and I chuckled to myself that I’m becoming my grandparents. Not even my mom… I skipped a generation.

      Reminds me of these conversations: “Talia, do you know that Lindsey Spears…”

      I do have instagram, but because I have the worst phone known to man I don’t use it often. Might have to jump on that bandwagon.

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