Hurts so Good

Nike Fuel has this adorable little feature that allows you to set goals for yourself. Maybe you’ve figured this out, but I sort of love goals- hence this whole blog project. My first goal was to complete 52 miles per month, and though I no longer total out my months obsessively like I did when this whole shabang was started, I’m still doing my thing! So when I found out that my fuel band could create goals for me, I was psyched.

The first goal that was created was actually prompted by the App itself: Burn 16,000 Calories in 4 weeks. The time came and it was exciting to see my progress. The weeks kept me informed that I was on target in a vibrant green lettering. When the 4 weeks were over the screen let me know hey girl, you’re the best “goal accomplished.” At least it said some of that…There are few things more phenomenal in life than that feeling of hitting your goals. It makes me want to give myself a high five or a gold star. Now, as fun as it was to test myself, weight loss and calories has never been my true goal in this process- though it’s not a bad outcome either. This time I was determined to challenge myself because who doesn’t love creating external pressures on a regular basis, right?!

I tend to pile on work for myself in life. I recently joined a book club (hi ladies!) Of course, for some unnecessary reason, looking uncannily similar to high school and college, I saved reading the book for the week before club. I finished the book 10 minutes before leaving for Book Club. I’m embarassed by that statement- I know kids think it’s cool to brag about procrastination, but I’m slightly sickened by my underlying love of the stress associated with procrastination. It hurts so good. But I can’t help to feel that I thrive in these situations. So, in my everlasting need to increase challenges in my life I set out to complete a three week goal called “Run More Miles” and made my goal 17 miles per week. Ultimately, I do need to run more miles so I saw this as an opportunity to challenge myself and truthfully, this is mandatory if I’m in running this half because to be honest, I’m a slacker and running a race is nothing to procrastinate training for. I have these awful dreams:

Flash forward to my future: May 1st, 2014. I think I’m going to train starting now.  panting, sweating, dying, crawling towards the finish line. Shame on your family!

So, here I am, in an effort to get on the early train for training- I can’t put this one off. My Nike fuel plan was activated and the goal has been in effect for over 1 week. So, how am I doing?!

It turns out the notification is only in green when you’re on track to accomplish your goals. This time the goal was written out in yellow-orange- the color I associate with slamming on my breaks at lights so I don’t get those sneaky tickets from the light cameras. That’s how I feel about that color. My friends, I am not on track for my running goals and the truth hurts. Did I bite off more than I can chew? Was it too much too soon? Or am I not trying hard enough to obtain my goals?

The truth hurts, folks, and it’s time to be realistic in my expectations of myself. Maybe the pressure to succeed in these intense situations isn’t the best method despite the outcomes that I have historically had- success under pressure.

Does anyone else struggle with these sorts of things?! Or am I the only one creating their own crazy?!


17 thoughts on “Hurts so Good

    • I know that’s why I’m annoyed at myself. I run a minimum of three miles every time I do run though. So I’m frustrated that I’m not “on target.” Then again, I started it and then got sick so I was run detoxing which may have set me back. You’re absolutely right though, I set a goal that I knew was feasible and now it’s like- what gives?! What’s going on here?!

  1. You’re not the only one, I guess I create my own crazy too! While I also work best under pressure, and love setting goals, sometimes setting goals for which the only pressure is the pressure I’m putting on myself doesn’t work for me! I get too disappointed with myself when I don’t feel I’m on track, and end up giving up (in frustration) on my goal,instead of adjusting it slightly to fit my needs! Keep trying, you can do this! 😀

    • Thank you, I love this feedback. Your words are so true to myself as well. I used to just give up but since creating this blog I’ve changed, now I don’t stop (can’t stop, won’t stop). There has to be a happy balance. I have to know when to adjust as well because I’m not very good at that. Thank you for making me reflect on seeking the balance while still challenging myself. And maybe take your own words of wisdom and make some adjustments as well!

  2. I’m a super procrastinator and it’s awful. I think I work best under pressure sometimes. However, that was really just when I was in school. With work, I get everything done as fast as humanly possible…deadlines or not. I’m an enigma. Good luck with your goals! I think you can do it!

    • I was just saying to Laurel that work is the priority! Everything else in life (running, book club) tend to fall by the wayside. Fortunately I’ve really stuck to my health being a priority since the creation of this blog. I have people watching me here!!! 😉

  3. I’m with you on the whole goals thing. Sometimes I get carried away and set unreasonable goals or just put too much on my plate. I know that I definitely did that in high school. I think now that I’m in college I’ve started to prioritize things more, which makes it a little better, but I still need to work on that.

    • I may have gotten worse in college because of the freedom, but by the end I managed much better. Now I have to be organized in my job so my work is my número uno priority at all times, so yes, priorities are definitively important.

  4. I think that you might be tripping yourself up by assuming you’ll be able to get out and run 5/6 times a week. Maybe move it down to twelve or even 15 and give yourself a prize if you beat it by x number of miles; you could also up your distance. When the weather gets nice I plan on trying out your idea of so many miles in 5 weeks (20×5=100 miles). It’s easier for me though because I do LDR; I can do 4x5miles or 2x10miles depending on my schedule and still make the goal.

    • Thank you for saying that- I think this is the advice I needed to hear because I’m definitely beating myself up.
      I will say that I loved saying “52 miles per month” it gave me the opportunity to break down the time as I saw fit. I can’t run every day there aren’t enough hours in the day!

  5. You got this!! I’ve never been much of a goal setter….probably because I know how I love to procrastinate haha! You sound like a busy bee though! So it’s not like you’re just sitting around being a bum 🙂

    • THANK YOU 🙂 Something I’m working on this year- stop being my own worst enemy and biggest critic! Who would know it would be such a challenge?

      Set a goal though- it’s such a great feeling when you achieve it!

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