Three Little Polar Bears

We all make mistakes- I said this is my second polar bear but it was my third! What an unbelievable day for weather, the water was invigorating. Some might say freezing.



All in all, it was much more exciting than the Super Bowl. But then again so was my three hour nap.



10 thoughts on “Three Little Polar Bears

  1. The first pic looks like a scene out of Jaws. And, ummm, what was the air temp that day? Looks like you guys were standing around for far too long in not very much clothing. When they do the New Year’s plunge in this area, people have winter coats and long johns ready to put on the second they get out of the water! HAHA

    • It does look like a scene out of jaws! It felt like it. Panic, fear, adrenaline.

      There air temp was warm, it was 50 out! These pictures were taken immediately following the exit from the water. Long johns were available soon after πŸ™‚ and many, many layers.

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