Today was supposed to Suck

Getting out of bed can sometimes feel inconceivable on a Thursday morning. Maybe it’s because it’s almost Friday. Maybe it’s because the workdays are long this time of the year. Maybe it’s because it is exceptionally bitter out and it seems to be dark every time I’m outside. It’s just difficult to get out of bed.

I hit the snooze five times.






The coffee pot turns on automatically as it does every day at 6. Why is it that I wake up so easily on Saturday when I want to sleep in yet so difficult when I can’t? I ponder this for a little while until I realize I need to be at work in an hour.

I hobble over snow and slip because my city hates cleaning streets. I mutter curses under my breath- at everyone. I’m tired and grouchy.

I make it on time because I’m a time nazi and ten minutes early might as well be late. I realize my phone is missing and assume that it’s in my car, lost in the parking lot, or simply missing. I take a seat at my desk and hope for the best.

At breakfast I cut myself with a knife while cutting a bagel. I learn from my work mom, Laura, that most people cut themselves on Sunday mornings. I defy the odds- typical. The bleeding isn’t bad so I wash my hands, the knife, and get a band aide. I make sure to finish putting cream cheese on my bagel. This moment is embarrassing because someone I work with chooses to use the knife I did not cut myself with and actually asks which one jabbed me. I walk back to my desk feeling like a pariah.

At lunch I spill soup on my lap. It doesn’t stain so I’m happy. I’m convinced today is just one of “those days.”

When I got home I was determined to go to the gym but felt it could only be possible after an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker- to make me feel better about my life today. Bravo always makes me feel better about myself.

I hopped on a treadmill and the tv didn’t work, of course not, so I blasted my music. And every single song was meant to be. Angry. Old school, west coast rap. Slightly Stoopid and Sublime to cool me down. Faster. Run hard when it’s hard to run.

And I ran my fastest time for a 5k. And now I know my day that was supposed to suck didn’t suck at all.



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