For the Love of Love


These are the chemicals that some of the hardest drugs try to replicate to make you feel good- they’re also the chemicals that are naturally triggered through love.

I love, love. I love the way love hits you instantaneously as it pulsates messages from your brain and throughout your body.

I love how love is mesmerizing.

I love how love is a good hug on a bad day.

I love how love is about compromise.

I love how love gives an explanation to this crazy world.

I love how love is understanding.

I love how love makes me see things outside of my own narrow vision.

I love how love is forgiving.

I love how love is complicated, but worth every ounce of it’s difficulty.

I love how love is indescribable. As I sit here trying to think about love, I can’t begin to quantify it’s feeling into words.

Once a year we take a day to reflect on how thankful we are. Today, reflect on the love that surrounds you in all facets of your life.



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