Packing Neurosis

____ Two pairs of thick socks
____ snowboarding pants / jacket
____ 2 pairs of long johns
____ 2 pairs of long running spandex
____ white snowboarding boots
____ BOX of hand warmers
____ white hat, polar bear hat
____ long sleeve plain shirt(s) (3)
____ under tanks
____ sweatpants
____ sweatshirt (polar bear)
____ ugg slippers
____ undies, don’t forget them… Don’t.
____ regular socks
____ makeup bag. The small one with the essentials.
____ toiletries – the regular stuff. Wrap toothbrush in tinfoil.
____ iPad and charger
____ phone charger
____ yummy snacks

Ride up wearing: skinny jeans, gap tee with hoodie, and brown boots.

Things I never picked up but said I would days ago: random toiletries, good brews, snacks.

Things already in the car so don’t panic looking for them: snowboard, boots, mittens (because gloves suck, I’ll say it!), funky helmet courtesy of a friend who doesn’t want me to die.

Does anyone else do this before going away?! And still… I always leave something. Not sure if it’s lupus fog, the blonde in me, or I’m just that forgetful.

John’s ready!

20140217-073910.jpgAfter a great week of running (Hello five miles! And yay! Jumping for joy! Hello six!) I’m going to do a quick 5k, gather my belongings, and it’s off to Vermont for a few days.

The last time I went snowboarding was in 2008. I have a feeling it’s going to be like riding a bike for me… please see: Not good. On the other hand, somehow through blogging and running, I’ve become a more adventurous person. I allow myself to be challenged and I enjoy throwing myself into new adventures. Maybe it’s because I know either way, there’s always a story!


That was from Killington in 2008- we stayed in a house with over 20 high school friends. This time it’s a road trip to Stratton- 4 of us. How you know you’re getting old? You’re thrilled it’s low key and you will have a bed to sleep in. Beds were things for kings and queens when I was 20.

I’m looking forward to real maple syrup, sitting around with friends, hot chocolate, fresh air that’s safe to breath, and hopefully some powdery snow. And only one bruise. That’s it.

Where’s a spot you would love to get away to?! Seriously- give me a suggestion!