Practice Makes you Closer to Perfect

The room was nearly black with only the melodically changing traffic light peering through the window. We sat in the silence of savasana and in that moment, in my breath, I knew that going to yoga tonight was necessary.

I’ve been fully focused on my running endeavors while neglecting my yoga classes and as I entered class I recognized my dedication to running has put a damper on my ability. What they say is true- practice makes perfect. Or at least near perfect. Balance. There needs to be balance, and yoga helps establish that equilibrium in my life. I need to remember that when I get wrapped up in my training.

Tonight, for the first time, I did crow pose, and I did it twice. Remember that time I uttered the words “crow hell no“- well, never say never. My body understood the posture and I felt the comfort within it. Going to class was the right decision.

Go Home Excuses, You’re Drunk

Woke up and the roads were saying “don’t drive on me” so work was canceled. I was up, dressed, makeup ready, but what was I doing? Nothing. John and I decided to face the truest test- if you can make it to the gym in the snow, you can make it anytime. We passed our self inflicted test and headed out to the gym. This is particularly important to me because February is the official start of half marathon training. I began my Monday morning with a 5k in 28 minutes. I felt fabulous and powerful so I did 200 twist crunches with a medicine ball. At that point the sky was the limit so I did what anyone would do- I decided I earned the right to lay around all day.

Then I realized something pretty profound- it’s only snow and I live on a beach. It became mandatory that I suit up in my warmest gear and head down to the sand.






Remember that time, yesterday, when it was 50 outside and I was swimming in the ocean?! This is living. It’s days like today that I’m reminded that my disease does not define me, it does not control me, it’s just a part of me. I remember questioning if I would ever be able to enjoy my life following my diagnosis- the answer is an unequivocal yes.

I’m a Polar Bear

Since Super Bowl Sunday, 1998, my city by the sea has been jumping into the Atlantic ocean for the Make a Wish Foundation.

This will be my second year braving the cold for a worthy cause, though I never truly understood the correlation between jumping into freezing water and charity. I have already purchased my polar bear hat and sweatshirt (a necessity) and I’m ready to bundle up in many layers- a bathing suit doesn’t cut it in February.

There is a wonderful feeling in the air, an energy, as you walk onto a packed beach on a cold day, snow stuck to the Jetties. We are all here together as a community for a reason, a charitable and worthy cause.

Would you become a polar bear?!
What would you do for charity?