Dear John,

For three years…

You have been my traveling partner
D.C. / Virginia – our first trip in 2011


Mexico 2012.



New Orleans 2013



And all of our trips in between from Boston to Chicago to Vermont to Manhattan

You are always my date.





especially at weddings where we can dance our tuchos’ off


And you help inspire me


You make me feel strong enough to write and strong enough to run. In fact, you run with me even when you don’t want to.

You even make the mundane better. Because we are tired on Fridays.

I know how much you love pictures so I felt that this post was the best way to express how much I love you.

Happy three year anniversary, my wonderful, caring, intelligent, kind, hilarious, boyfriend. Three years ago you paid for my ice cream and I was so confused. Friends don’t let other friends pay for ice cream. And then you asked me on a real date- I couldn’t be happier. You are a partner in every sense of the word and I will always appreciate you for that.
Let’s never change- love,



20 thoughts on “Dear John,

      • My friends and I went to an all you can eat chocolate place – we had two hours to eat as much as we wanted, but after half an hour we felt sick and couldn’t eat any more!

      • That’s a great business to open because the reality is… There is only so much chocolate one person can eat. I’m imagining this giant willy wonka place now too. I think it would just be nauseating after a while. It reminds me of Halloween as a kid. We would eat as much candy as we could and then feel horrifically sick. Who am I kidding- this is still Halloween for me.

    • Ha! Thanks Chris! You know, a lot of people say “when are you two getting engaged?!” We are happy at the place we are in. We live together, pay bills together, share responsibilities together. Not being married is perfectly ok! I recognize that a lot of people envision that all women want the ring and the big wedding, but I love the life we have πŸ™‚

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