Today a friend posed a point that made me think about this question:

Do Americans expect to be happy and therefore are continuously disappointed when their expectations aren’t met? Are we a consumer society, continuously expecting NOW, NOW, NOW?!


Is this an American thing? Is it a 2014 thing? Followers from other countries, I would love to hear your perspective of American culture and American culture in relation to your own.

Also- are people actually doing this? American parties (click me!)

Happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “‘Murica

  1. I don’t know what’s with the red cups, although I was told it was an ‘American thing’ and the basketball tops. We have a perspective that everything is big over in America. People have said that a meal from McDonalds; the American small is a British Large. It seems like the Americans are really passionate about America too. On TV everyone seems to have the flag on the front of the house, on the car, wearing it on a tshirt (Brits by tops with American flags on!) wereas over here, hmm, not so much! Sport is so much different. Basketball happens over here but its not that heard off. Your football looks like our Rugby! And I’m going to have some strawberry jam on toast but I’m sure its called jell-0 or jelly! I’d love to spend some time in America šŸ™‚

    • Ha! The red cups! So I had no idea that was an “American” thing- very interesting. I guess things are bigger. I have traveled to England and Greece and I noticed some different portions… We love our fries over here!
      As for the flags and the pride- definitely not! I’m a teacher and I don’t even think my students know the pledge… It is said every day over the loud speaker and while my students will stand, they do so grudgingly.
      Also, whenever my friends from England do an American accent they always make us sound like southern rednecks… What’s up with that?!

      You should definitely spend some time here and travel! Every state I’ve been to has its own feel entirely. It’s own culture, food, etc. every year I rotate between traveling within the country and out of the country… Equally as exciting. As a New Yorker, I suggest you swing through here first šŸ™‚

      • haha its strange isn’t it! I know on films us English folk sound very….posh-London like. We really don’t sound like that either!
        Oh I’d definitely like to visit New York, I want to run through that massive park! šŸ™‚

  2. LMAO! I love the comment above me made by Karrie. Americans in America are not “Americans,” They are a bunch of different people too diverse to pin point a heritage, but claim anything and everything then just plain “American.” American society tends to break everybody to group of race’s so the Supremes’ of Americans wont totally assimilate to its surrounds. It’s weird In a sense that immigrants are taught to assimilate while the rest wont assimilate to new people coming in. It’s contradicting in a sense because it works both ways.

    On behalf of the blog entry, People expect way too much from the need of feeling like they don’t have enough. I don’t think it’s an American thing, but people do feel entitled to a whole lot from mere nothing or entitled too much from a little something.

    so for foreigners, I don’t fall into this old fashioned American hype. The printed flags American flags is a fashion statement not necessarily pride. At least for me, I like the colors red white and blue together and stars are so cute.

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