The Selfie

The selfie: a photo of oneself, preferably when you look dang good. Of course.

Today I wrote a passive aggressive status on Facebook- I couldn’t help myself. It was as though my deepest rooted annoyances splurged out of my fingers at once…

Stop taking selfies- we all do it, but YOU are out of control. We are sick of your face.

If you read this and thought I was directing this at you… Stop.

As I rewrote that, I had a laugh with myself. Partially because I think it’s true and partially because I realize how obnoxious I have a tendency to be. In all reality, I hate passive aggressiveness. If you’re going to direct comments towards people, be upfront. However, the growing trendepidemic of the selfie leads me to direct this post to no individual in particular… Just all of us.

I get it. I am guilty of the selfie- I take them to check my makeup, I take them to see how my butt looks in a bathing suit if I’m in a picture in my bathing suit, I take them to send to my friends on snapchat, I take them because I feel good.

Sometimes when I feel particularly adorable I wish I could snap a picture and have my friends drown me in compliments. That’s the way I always imagined I would die- drowned in compliments. However, something stops me every time I peruse through twenty photos of myself posing in the passenger seat of a car- I’m being an asshole. No one actually woke up and thought to themselves, Today, I hope Talia posts a photo of herself at her desk. I hope she lets me know that today is a slow day, but hey, TGIF.

Maybe we only share when we feel our best, and we share our desired reality. But I don’t want you to only know the world that I have manifested for myself behind a computer screen- because, it’s not the whole truth. I am not perfect. My hair is not always done. I am not always running or doing yoga or spreading positivity. Sometimes I eat entire chocolate Easter bunnies by myself when I’m home alone (see: yesterday) Sometimes I am unbelievably whiny and enjoy using the phrase- today I hate everyone.

And this is not always me:


But this isn’t either:

And so after posting a whole lot of nastiness, I requested (under my own selfie) a selfie of others… And the results are in:










And what I realized is these pictures make me so happy- I asked for a selfie and I got one. With pets, and babies, and funny faces. We take selfies because they can be quite the good time. So selfie away- just slow your roll… We know what you look like.