Home, Sweet Home

We are back in the U.S. Of A. and I’ve had quite the experience on our vacation. I would like to start today with a few mini experiences and things I learned as well-

Montezuma doesn’t play around.
I like to say I have an iron stomach to the point that I have bragged about it. When they say don’t drink the water, they mean it… Do. Not. Drink. The. Water. That’s all I have to say about that.

Mexico is phenomenally beautiful.
I knew this because I’m a huge Mexico fan and have traveled there multiple times, but had to say it again. Mostly for the Mexico haters. Yes, there are drug cartels. Yes, the news says it’s scary. But east New York is scary too. Don’t go to the dangerous parts of Mexico – don’t go to the dangerous parts of the Bronx.


Exchange your money- it’s worth it… Literally.
We didn’t exchange enough and we definitely lost out money wise. The exchange rate in Mexico changes as you go to different places. No matter what, you are losing money if you are using dollars, pounds, euros. So change it!

Just because you’re not home in the comfort of your own gym or space doesn’t mean you have a reason not to work out!
I know it’s tempting to say eff it, I’ll go when I’m home. I’m on vacation. But talk about stress free. I was able to enjoy myself so more by running every other day and going to the gym. We also made it a point to walk everywhere everyday, bike ride, kayak, and stay busy.


And, last but certainly not least!

When they screw up your flight, take the free extra day and the flight voucher -chaching- (great story) and make it an extra getaway. They are paying for your transportation and stay in an all inclusive resort in Cancun anyways. Might as well enjoy it!
This happened to us! They overbooked the flight, fabulous job U.S. airways and thus ensued our one night free stay in Cancun. Can’t make it up!

If there’s any piece of advice I can give to any single person- travel. Things are nice. Travel memories last forever. The experiences you receive, whether good or bad, can’t be purchased. Life was made for living.

Where’s your favorite place to vacation to?
What’s your favorite vacation story?!