Scraped Knees weren’t that Bad

“I’m gonna be a ice cream man” – picture courtesy of one my of favorites Humans of New York

This picture takes me back to the days when I promised myself I would become either a very famous singer or a veterinarian. Or when my brother knew he would be an astronaut but I told him he would fly into the sun and burst into flames. Don’t judge- I was a mean child.

This weekend I’m totally embracing my inner child. Over wine.


Running Outdoors and Chicken-y Dinners

Title should be read to the beat of The Sound of Music’s My Favorite Things. Now that you’re aware, read it again please. Ok, great. Without further ado, we can get this show on the road!

What made Julie Andrews Maria so gosh darn happy? Apparently, a lot of crap loveliness. Who doesn’t adore bright copper kettles and schnitzel with noodles?! Really? You don’t?

Ok, those weren’t my favorites, but I do have to agree with Maria Julie Andrews on two of her selections.
Whiskers on kittens. Adorbsville ahead! And I don’t even like cats.



I am also feeling fairly inspired by this gem of a line:

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are my favorite things. Period. Julie Andrews Maria had me at spring. And this weekend into today felt like spring.

What a wonderful way to kick off Memorial Day weekend and real spring. Not this bogus stuff we’ve been calling spring. And today on my run I was able to sink into the season and think about a few of my favorite things that I encountered while on my run today:

1. Passing by a burly old man on a cruiser bicycle with his dog riding shotgun in a basket. This dog had put in some solid years. He was grey whiskered and had clearly been in plenty of bicycle baskets in his day. Not even a single flinch.

2. A little boy, maybe 2, trying to race me. I did not let him win. That won’t help you survive the zombie apocalypse. Gotta keep it real with these kids. but in all seriousness, what a cute little baby with a wicked Afro- I’m not sure I have the hair to produce a child with an Afro, but if I could, oh, I would.

3. A young woman running with twin teeny tiny babies. She was in beast mode and completely passed me. There she was, new mommy taking on the world. I always admire these moms and think – if they’re doing it, why exactly am I not?!

4. Citizen Cope popping in for a cameo on my iPod. I was using pandora today and what a pleasant surprise when the bass comes in and it’s citizen cope jamming out.

5. A woman meditating on the boardwalk. I had this calming feeling take over as I passed her. I can respect anyone with that kind of willpower. She appeared to be so humble and pleasant. I wanted to be her.

Oh, and how could I forget?

6. Bumping into this guy:

With our crazy work schedules we tend to do our own workout thang during the week. It was a pleasant surprise to see him starting as I finished.

And then I got home and cooked this:

And it was also one of my favorite things. And at 9:30 p.m. I believe it’s time to relax.

I hope you’re all having a productive Tuesday. Keep it going! It’s almost hump day!

What are some of your favorite things?

Do you also think Julie Andrews Maria was a little too cutesy in the things she loved – Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles… Come again?

Julie Andrews killing it

Freaky Friday

Growing up, every Friday night was horror night. My best friend Danielle and I would browse the aisles of our local Hollywood Video for the perfect scary movie. Every week was something new- Jeepers Creepers, Child’s Play, The Omen… We preferred the obscure movies that we could mock while watching. We would stay up throughout the night eating junk food and talking in order to stave off any nightmares. At least that’s why I was staying up and talking. Despite this weekly ritual, horror movies always terrified me in the same way that heights did… Yes, I’m terrified of heights, but somehow I always wanted to go on the biggest and fastest rollercoaster.

That was when I was 16. Now, 10 years later, I’m a bigger scaredy cat than ever before and if I don’t have to watch something that’s going to make me possibly wet the bed or see imaginary witches in the closet I won’t. Unless I get outvoted in a movie night. Like last night when my friends and I decided to stay in for a low key Friday night movie. But there is nothing low key about watching Sinister.

This was my view of the movie:

Because this is how grown ups watch horror movies. Under a blanket. Biting their nights. While compulsively eating popcorn.

Fortunately we cooled off with an episode of The Office or it would have been nightmares for days.

What’s a low key night for you?

Guys… Do you like horror movies?! Any suggestions for the next time I’m feeling wild?

Funny or Die

In my secret alternative universe I am a hilarious standup comedian with many fans that both love and hate me. They probably love me, but sometimes I say things that cross over that invisible line from comedy to offensive, but then they forgive me and they let me tell more jokes.

We live in a world of pills and medicine and things you need to take to be healthy– hi, I take an anti malarial every day for lupus…not malaria. I know it’s cheesy, but I truly believe we have lost sight of some of the best forms of medicine. Things like the belly laugh.

If I’m lucky, I’ll have one deep down belly laugh every single day. This is the laughter that makes you cry and has the power to create insta-betterness. How many pills do we take every day to create happiness. Belly laughs don’t come often enough but when they do, you are immediately aware that happiness exists for free and can be found anywhere.

This morning I woke up without an alarm at 5:30. I debated going back to sleep for 30 minutes but the time seemed trivial. Instead, I chose to make a cup of coffee and watch some funny or die. I got a good laugh in and now I’m positive today’s gonna be a good day.

What was I watching? THIS

Running Sucks

After my exhilarating light bulb session, I felt like I could take on the world. What better way to take on the world but to go outside for a run. Since honesty is always my policy, for better or worse, I’m going to cut to the chase.

Running outside has been very hard.

How frustrating! I tied up my new sneaks, trainers to you Brits, and felt empowered as I hit the boardwalk. It was me, the sunshine shining, my feet hitting the boardwalk, the waves crashing by my side, and then- the wind.

Wind, the red headed stepchild of weather. No offense to redheads. But wind is the worst! Go home wind, you’re drunk! I guess with all of my indoor running, it’s been easy to forget that running outside is not all it’s made out to be in a nike commercial. On the few runs I’ve done outside this season, very few have been “enjoyable.” What happened to those early days of my blogging life, when every run felt like I was jogging on a brownie. Delectable. Is it that I just need some readjustment time? Am I not used to the weather yet? Why didn’t you guys tell me running would be so challenging?!

Stats today-
2.6 miles of huffing and puffing
3 mini walks as I debated quitting at life
1 nose blow into my shirt
2 sighs of exasperation

Otherwise, I’m really digging the Asics. So there’s that.

Happy Feet

If you’re anything like me you know the value of being non-materialistic. You also know it’s the duty of all good Americans to contribute to the economy and buy lots of things.

So, as part of my civic duty, I always try to help stimulate the economy. Rings, Shirts, Bags, Cookies, Coffee…. Whatever, I can do to bestow upon our society a better, stronger, America. On this fine Monday I decided to buy a pair of sneakers.

For every pair of sneakers you buy, Obama will shed a year of thankfulness in your honor. If you don’t like him, imagine it’s someone from the Tea Party, or whoever you prefer.

Due to my donation towards American debt, I would like to say, you’re welcome.

But in all seriousness… I just needed to feel motivated to run today and it was due time for a new pair of sneaks. Happy consumerism Monday to me! And in super-seriousness, the only thank you I’m getting today are coming from my feet. You’re welcome!

It’s my first time buying Asics. What’s your favorite running sneaker?!

Sunday Selfie

Coffee can (box…holder…plastic container?) to scale.

Best purchase of my adulthood. This pup has 270 cups of coffee in it. Now, if you drink coffee like I do, 270 cups is code word for Talia’s version of 100 cups. Either way, this steal was found at CVS as I perused the aisle for nail polish. You can never enter cvs with an intention to buy one thing. Without fail I leave spending a minimum of $40. But this purchase was necessary in my life- weekly I buy these tiny coffee cans that last me the week and on Sunday morning as I go to brew my wake up call, there’s nothing left!

Trying to make a cup of coffee only to find out there’s no more coffee is one of the worst feelings. It’s a feeling almost as bad as when I found out John ate my cannoli, or yesterday when he ate the chocolate yogurt I was saving.

This canister of coffee makes my Sundays go round. So, here’s to coffee and waking up for a solid boardwalk run!

Don’t be a Bystander

As a history teacher, I frequently find myself explaining to disillusioned teenagers why their voice is important and how they can influence the world they live in. But how can one person make a difference? It’s like a civic bystander effect. What does it matter if I vote, protest, sign something…someone else will do it. My voice doesn’t make a difference. The issue is when we all have this attitude. I’m just as guilty- I’ve displaced social responsibilities onto others. I just did the lupus walk for the first time in four years because I figured what would a few more fundraisers to the cause do, what difference can I make?

This year my team raised $3,145, contributing to the $508,353 raised by New York City alone.

I couldn’t have done it by myself though. I want to thank the following people for their support:

My dear solar jessica, love you! She felt so guilty she couldn’t make it to the walk because she had yoga teacher training. Livin’ the dream!
Mrs. Jessica over at two.thirty.ate! She got me started over here on wordpress! Plus she was an awesome friend all the way back to the high school days when she would hang out with me despite my underclassman status.
Jeremy- history nerds align!
Jaclyn my wonderful camp friend
Allie, you’re a wonderful new friend and addition to the coven.
Nikki and Eddie, my Long Island parents – thank you!
Beth who has loved me all of these years!
Sarah, my beach partner in crime. Warmer days are here!
Steve, Maribeth and Jennifer, you work with my mom but still contributed to this cause. Thank you!
Chris, Maria, Justin, and Victoria- some of the best people in long beach you could have the pleasure of even meeting.
Laura, my work mom, you’re so patient with me! And you know I love you!
Aunt Lori, Uncle Larry, Mommy Carole, Aunt Iris, and dad people should be as lucky as me to have family like you!
Deanna- you’re an awesome roomie, co-planner, and yoga buddy. I’m glad to have you as a friend!
Janine, I knew you were my kind of person the second you made fun of Laur for the same reasons I do. Thank you for your contribution!
Kim, I can’t wait to one day tell people THE KIM donated to lupus for me.
Cristina, you are the English partner I wish I never lost- I miss you girl!
Jhodie, thank you! Us running girls need to stick together.
Laur, you’re one of best friends a person could have in their life. You somehow managed to come on the walk and make it back to a party in one day. I don’t know how you do it, but this is why we all love you.
To the May-iannettas – you have always been a second family to me. Thanks for so much support from a whole bunch of you! I know there’s always a couch to sleep on or a place to straight from the fridge without asking when I’m around you guys. Dee, my sister, obviously I love you!
Cait, I was so, so happy to have you by my side on the walk! You’ve been too far for too long. Love you! And thank you for always being a friend!
John, love you!
Mom, your donation means the world, it’s not even close to the support you have given me over the years.

Being a bystander in life is simple, we can easily assume that others will raise, donate, walk, vote, whatever. Get involved in life and make a difference. Like Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world.

Thanks for helping me change the world.

And hey! It’s lupus awareness month still! You can become more aware! Click me!