Getting my race proofs today was flipping fantastic- one of my favorite things to do is laugh at people running, so laughing at myself was fantabulous. (Side note: my autocorrect accepts fantabulous, how fantabulous is that?)

If you are like me, and think awkward running photos are the best, I hope you can enjoy some of mine- please give thanks to the guest star of the photos, the lady in orange. She was in nearly all of my pictures. Oh, and John. He’s there too. And the weird scribble letters that say something that I’m just going to pretend I don’t see.

Also, we are that lame. We seriously did run through the finish line like that. And to answer the question you’re thinking- I have no idea why I was throwing up my hand as I ran through- I can only imagine I was saying, Hayyy, I’m here!




Something I learned from these pictures- I imagined in my head that I looked much more heinous while running… Like a person gasping and struggling for air. Instead, I’m eerily smily. I also learned that John just can’t take a good picture. Even running.

Does anyone buy these? If so, where do you hang them… Or are these gifts you give for Mother’s Day. Hey mom, I assume you’re so proud of me that you are definitely going to want to immortalize my 6 mile accomplishment forever. Please hang these photos over our cremated cat.. Which, p.s., is the perfect spot in our house for these pictures.

I wonder if the lady in orange is going to buy these- then she can remember me forever.