Sunday Selfie

Coffee can (box…holder…plastic container?) to scale.

Best purchase of my adulthood. This pup has 270 cups of coffee in it. Now, if you drink coffee like I do, 270 cups is code word for Talia’s version of 100 cups. Either way, this steal was found at CVS as I perused the aisle for nail polish. You can never enter cvs with an intention to buy one thing. Without fail I leave spending a minimum of $40. But this purchase was necessary in my life- weekly I buy these tiny coffee cans that last me the week and on Sunday morning as I go to brew my wake up call, there’s nothing left!

Trying to make a cup of coffee only to find out there’s no more coffee is one of the worst feelings. It’s a feeling almost as bad as when I found out John ate my cannoli, or yesterday when he ate the chocolate yogurt I was saving.

This canister of coffee makes my Sundays go round. So, here’s to coffee and waking up for a solid boardwalk run!


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