Running Sucks

After my exhilarating light bulb session, I felt like I could take on the world. What better way to take on the world but to go outside for a run. Since honesty is always my policy, for better or worse, I’m going to cut to the chase.

Running outside has been very hard.

How frustrating! I tied up my new sneaks, trainers to you Brits, and felt empowered as I hit the boardwalk. It was me, the sunshine shining, my feet hitting the boardwalk, the waves crashing by my side, and then- the wind.

Wind, the red headed stepchild of weather. No offense to redheads. But wind is the worst! Go home wind, you’re drunk! I guess with all of my indoor running, it’s been easy to forget that running outside is not all it’s made out to be in a nike commercial. On the few runs I’ve done outside this season, very few have been “enjoyable.” What happened to those early days of my blogging life, when every run felt like I was jogging on a brownie. Delectable. Is it that I just need some readjustment time? Am I not used to the weather yet? Why didn’t you guys tell me running would be so challenging?!

Stats today-
2.6 miles of huffing and puffing
3 mini walks as I debated quitting at life
1 nose blow into my shirt
2 sighs of exasperation

Otherwise, I’m really digging the Asics. So there’s that.


10 thoughts on “Running Sucks

      • I don’t use the machines much, but I was intiimidated at first too! The New Rules of Lifting for Women converted me. I completed that last year and now I’m about to finish the New Rules of Lifting Supercharged. If I can do it, so can you!

  1. You’ll forget this once you have one of those great run days…..and then this will meet you on the other side. Such is the cycle of running. hahaha Thanks for taking me along. I should be out there huffing and puffing myself, and debating quitting at life. Love that! hahaha

  2. I’ve thought about the wind a lot this Spring. I don’t run but I do hate the wind. Yesterday was so calm and peaceful in the yard because, guess what, there wasn’t any stupid wind. I’ve decided I hate the wind too. It blows around my baby trees, I can’t concentrate, it makes things cold. On and on I’d go.

    There should be an anti-wind society or something. 🙂

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